The Purpose of Life

on Saturday, August 10, 2013

Don’t we often think about the real matters that we do not really go through due to our frenzied schedule in this dog eat dog world? We indeed wonder at times why we are here in this World. We wonder about what is the purpose of our life, the best gift of God.

There are different answers to that. So, are we here to gain fame and fortune? Or are we here to be the richest and get on the gravy train? Actually, wealth can do little to bring contentment to one who is an atheist, because despite of what he or she would achieve in this life, they would always live in terror of what will happen to them in the end. They would marvel what would become of them and how they would wind up.

We, the human beings, are the best creation of Almighty Allah. Just like we generate things to serve for the betterment of our lives, in the very same way, we are created so that we can follow the path of our God and serve Him. Therefore, the purpose of life would be to serve Allah Almighty and achieve the goal of being a pure Human Being by heart and soul, following all the rules of the path of Allah.

To a Muslim, the complete intention of life is “Ibadah” or worship to the One and Only Almighty Allah on Terms and under His Conditions. God affirms in Quran that He formed the human to be His trustee on earth. Mankind’s fundamental trust, our job, is to trust and worship God.

Very easy! The purpose for man’s creation is to worship the Creator.  The Islamic understanding of devotion allows the whole of one’s life to be an act of worship, as long as the purpose of that life is the satisfaction of God, which is attained by doing good and abstaining from wickedness. A person can turn regular activities into performance of worship by cleansing his or her intent and genuinely seeking God’s pleasure through these activities. Worship offers the believers benefits that donate to their religious and worldly well-being. God should be worshiped in times of adversity and times of affluence and only through his remembrance can the human being find inner harmony. We should follow the Holy Quran and the Five Pillars of Islam which are Confession of faith, Performing Namaz, Fasting, Giving Zakat and Performing Hajj.

Because Islam educates that life is only a test for the individual to demonstrate his accurate nature, it’s only natural that he would believe that death is not an ending to everything but more as a launch of the final and lasting life in the Hereafter. So the people should give their heart and soul to top this test and follow Allah’s path to make Him happy so that we get the best in our afterlife.

The purpose of life as stated in Islam can be plainly uttered in two words: Obey God.

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