Hardships with True Faith in Allah Pay Better than our Imagination

on Wednesday, August 14, 2013

“Al Hamdo Lilla ha Rabul Alemein” the imam recited this in the congregation of the Namaz-e-Fajjar.

He listened the verses with deep feelings as a tear rolled on his left cheek. He also murmured “Al Hamdo Lilla ha Rabul Alemein” with dry lips and tongue like a part of dry wood, to feed his faith with this sentence; the faith that hardships with true believe in Allah always pay better than our imagination. It was the 11th day of fasting in the holy month of Ramzan, but indeed it was the 15th day of their starvation. No food, no dates, no patrol, no clean water even for the ablution, that was how this holy month of mercies was passing. What they have are thrust, hunger, hope and above all that it is the promise of Allah that if one is facing the hardships with true faith in Allah, then it is only Allah who have the best rewards and always pay better than one can ever imagine.

The hot sunny days in fasting and starvation were the hardest things they could imagine in that previously very updated and modern facilitated city. Children were badly suffering due to the lack of clean water, and good food, many died due to this, many were near to, and mothers were scared of losing their heart pieces with every beam of sun, with every cry of their children, with every tick of clock and with everytime she failed in trying to feed their infants with their dried breast. There was nothing left in the city to feed the mothers and nourish their milk. There was nothing to serve the family on such a long day in the hottest July ever.

With much difficulty and with shivering hands he collected the water in his bottle from a pond of water. That was not clean, it has lots of dust in it making it unclear and opaque, it might be harmful to the health because of its dirty nature, and many germs might be growing in it which can cause diseases like diarrhea, from which scores of people are suffering around. So what? It was water at least. It was shared by many by just a sip to sip.

Allah o Akbar, Allah o Akbar, the azan for the Asar prayers came from the mosque as he thought from where he could do the ablution. At the mean time, the roar of heavy engines came, followed by the voice of choppers. They came at last they came before they all died, the help came. He recited the verse “Al Hamdo Lilla ha Rabul Alemein” just by heart, dry tongue and wet eyes, he bowed before Allah.

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