How Do You See Muslims?

on Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Being a Muslim is not wrong. However some immoral people in the community are serving iniquitous messages to the society. Islam is a religion that was introduced to spread peace and love among mankind. Every person is free to follow any religion, similar to other creeds even Muslims are humans, and they should be treated equally by all other communities.

There are few general facts that have changed the opinion of people towards Islam and Muslims. As per the observation, it has been proved that maximum people who get influenced to terrorism are Muslims. Some people of this community is taking Islam to the incorrect direction. The fact is totally different, there are impious people in every community. A person should not be judged by his /her religion. There are few points which will help you to develop a positive thinking towards Islam.

•All people of this culture is not bad. There are few members who are well versed with Islam and do follow it correctly.

•A true follower of Islam is always humble and tries to maintain harmony in the society.

•Islam teaches people to stay friendly and help others when they are in need.

• All holy books state one general thing and that it is love for humanity. It is us who take these lessons wrongly and get misguided.

•Remember one thing, there is only one creator. No matter which community a person may belong to.

•Being a good Samaritan is the first concept that every human should follow.

•Every soul is created by one supreme power; therefore equal treatment should be given to everyone.

A Muslim is well known with the teachings of Islam is a communal individual. The mission of his life is to maintain good contact with people and respects the traditions of every community. It is not essential that a person who is born in this community is following the religion truly. A factual Muslim is the one who understands and pursues the concept of Islam. The definition of Islam is that an individual should lay complete dedication to God. Islam states that God is the almighty, and we should obey his commands.

In Quran, it has been said “God created man from a blood clot and constantly formed jinn from the flames. The human being is his best creation, and their duty is to serve and obey the commands of God.

In Quran 2:177, it was stated that the right human is one who believes in god (Allah), angels, last day, the prophets and the scriptures. An ingenious Muslim does not stop at the back, deceives or cheat others. The basic teaching of Islam is to follow truth, loyalty, purity and sincerity. Therefore, it is always advisable to judge a Muslim with his/her nature and not by just the name of their community” Muslims”.

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