Is Royal Baby More Important than a Common Man?

on Thursday, August 15, 2013

Royalty has long been practiced across various communities. While in some nations, royalty has been treated as merely as a symbol of prestige and wealth, in other communities, royalty comes with power and immense control over decision making. In the recent months, many have questioned why some babies should be considered royal and whether this is really necessary? With the concept of equity and equality rapidly grip the modern world, many are finding it out of place to claim some babies are royal while others are not. Nonetheless, they still exist, so the question is, ‘Is Royal Baby More Important than a common Man?’

Perhaps exploring this subject requires a look into various aspects of life surrounding royal babies. How are royal babies raised? Is it the same as normal babies are raised? Royal experts have always asserted that the way royal babies are brought largely differs from the way typical babies are brought across the globe. The way princes Diana brought up her babies no doubt differs from the way typical European or American families are raised. These babies are not just showered by expensive toys and enjoy lots of other privileges. The products they use are often customized and tailor-made for them. They enjoy public limelight from birth. Take for instance where the royal babies are presented to the public in the full glare of the media.

Other than these privileges, royal babies have always been a symbol of prestige and power but not anymore. Today, many royal families have no influence or power on the nation. Likes the son of Princess Diana, prince Harry, and even the duchess have little power to show save for prestige and wealth. Nonetheless, they enjoy wide recognition and are treated with respect even among the top global presidents, the U.S. is included.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that it’s not just in the west where royal babies are found, the east is also known to have royal families although not globally publicized as the west does. In essence, royal babies are and will always be there. In my opinion, this is a mechanism developed to create social divisions. Such social stratification is meant to benefit a selected few and retain the status quo over time. Today, the society should be guided by hard work and determination and not titles meant to give others undue advantage over others. I do not think royal babies are any more important than normal babies.

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