Obama’s Ramadan Wishes Turn Against Him

on Thursday, July 11, 2013

In a statement made on Monday, President Barack and first Michelle Obama wished Muslims all over the world a happy Ramadan. President Obama took this opportunity to remind Americans about the positive contributions made by Muslims in the country, in the roles of entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and activists. President Obama summarized the statement on his twitter account, wishing Muslims both in America and around the world a peaceful and joyful month ahead.

Muslims from all over the world reacted bitterly to these wishes. One Muslim went as far as to draw parallels between Obama and Muslims and Hitler and Jews. Another made a reference to how President Obama reportedly ordered the forced-feeding of inmates who were on a hunger strike at the controversial detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Others pointed fingers to the American President holding him responsible for killing Muslims all over the world and for causing havoc in the Muslim world.

The reaction to the American President’s message has been surprising for many American people, who believe Obama to be more “pro-Muslim” than any of his successors. He spent several years of his life around Muslims in Indonesia. His mother married a Muslim man, who had a lot of influence on him.

During the run-up to his first successful presidential election, Obama was often accused by Republican Party supporters of being a  Muslim. A number of conspiracy theories even went far enough to say that he secretly practiced Islam. A Pew Research Poll conducted in 2010 showed that as many as 18% of the Americans (and 30% of Republicans) believed that Barack Obama was a Muslim.

Yet, it is apparent that President Obama does not enjoy much support in the Muslim world. His policies, to many Muslims, seem to be a continuation of those of former President George W. Bush. The outcry from Muslims on Twitter in reaction to his wishes suggest that his popularity among followers of Islam is at an all-time low, and it seems there is little he can do to correct it at this point in his presidency.

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