How Muslims Rights can be safeguarded in United States

on Friday, July 26, 2013

Before knowing how to safeguard the rights of Muslims in the US, we need to know what rights we have as a US citizen. As a US citizen, a person has the freedom of expression, worship, prompt fair trial by jury, right to vote, apply for federal employment, run for elected office and freedom to pursue “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These are the shared rights of all the US citizens. Moreover, the American government says that they are a nation that is not bound by race or religion, but by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality.

The country’s biggest Muslim common liberties and assistance institutions today urge the Americans who are worried about balance under the law to contact their congressional senators and request that they drop a way out from the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013 that might make American Muslims and Arab-Americans ” second class citizens ” who could legitimately be liable to Israel’s strategy of ethnic and religious profiling.

Religious opportunity is one of America’s generally principal freedoms, and a focal standard upon which this country was established. Lamentably, however, all through America’s history, very nearly each religious mass was the focus of segregation at one time or a different one. Tolerance and decency have for the most part predominated; however just after principled voices have surpassed bias and contempt.

Generally as of late, Muslim groups in the U.S. have confronted an aggravating wave of dogmatism and by and large threat. From religiously roused segregation and ambushes on existing and proposed Islamic focuses to confused congressional hearings, Muslims in America are almost always unjustifiably focused on essentially for practicing their fundamental sacred right to religious freedom.

We should dependably —particularly in times of quarrel —vigilantly uphold our center qualities. At the time we defile one gathering’s opportunity, every living soul’s freedom is at stake. Furthermore, the people from Muslim community should press on to safeguard the basic equality of every living soul in our nation.

A portion of the issues need in particular keeping tabs on incorporate, bans on Sharia and International law, mosques and group focuses, Park51 Islamic Cultural Center in New York City, discrimination dependent upon manifestation, discrimination against Muslim ladies, infiltration and observation of Mosques and Muslim neighborhoods, congressional hearings on the supposed “radicalization” of the American Muslim neighborhood, unconstitutional government of the “No Fly List”, FBI mapping of nearby neighborhoods and organizations dependent upon race and ethnicity and anti-terrorism financing laws .

Muslims today are profiled at airports and at first place treated as terrorists, though the trend is on a decline. Islamophobia has become an integral part of the society and at government level there are established funds to spy on Muslims. This condition needs to be improved, but no one is going to make it better unless the Muslim citizens themselves wake up for it. They have to be united and make a pressure group to press on their respective representative to propose new laws and policies that are pro Muslims. They have to struggle for their religious and economic freedom. This is the only way they can safeguard their rights in America.

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