A Grave Mistake by the Indian Army

on Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Indian Army has 1900 air-crafts, 620 helicopters, 1.3 million personals and with a military budget of 44.3 billion USD. It is considered to be the second largest army in terms of the number of soldiers and is one of the largest buyers of weaponry from around the world including U.S and Israel. Besides the strength and money, a very strange thing happened during the last six months. The Indian army mistakenly spent six months watching the violation of ‘’Chinese spy Drones”, however in fact they were the Venus and the Jupiter. This story has been published by the Kolkata based Telegraph, Tribune and BBC websites during 24th and 25th July 2013.

Strains have been high in the Himalayan far-flung region between the two countries lately, with India often blaming its neighbor for violating onto its domain. Things reached a crucial stage throughout a stand-off in April when Chinese troops were blamed for raising a camp on the Indian side of the absolute edge regarded as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). By that stage, Indian troops had recently recorded 329 sightings of unidentified complaints around a lake area in Ladakh, during August and February, Telegraph, a Kolkata based paper reports.

The military sources said that they spotted the two objects 155 times and then they sought help from the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to recognize them. The experts observed the objects for some time and declared that the objects were actually Venus and Jupiter. “Our duty was to figure out if these unidentified things were heavenly or physical,” astrochemist Tushar Prabhu told the paper.

The Indian Army mixed up Jupiter and Venus as unidentified flying interlopers making nighttime forays from China into the skies above eastern Ladakh for in excess of six months until cosmologists carried their reasons for the alarm to ground, it has been uncovered.

Sources told The Telegraph that the army staff had until February 2013 archived 329 sightings of the unidentified questions seen over Thakung close Pangong Tso, a high-elevation lake imparted by India and Tibet.

The items were discerned to have maltreated the Line of Actual Control (LAC) that India imparts to China 155 times. The astrochemists were told that the first item, was seen from an area around the range of 4,715 metres above sea level close Thakung, showed up in the skyline at in the ballpark of 6pm and remained obvious until around the range of 5am. The second item showed up at 4am and blurred away at 11am.

The sightings developed in the company of what defence experts say are stewing concerns inside the Indian Army about cross-fringe transgressions and the utilization of drones by the Chinese to investigate Indian region.

The IIAP works the planet’s most astounding telescope at Hanle, Ladakh, in the vicinity of 150km south of the area where the sightings were accounted for.

Army spear naik Sheminderpal Singh —a general spectator at Point 4715 —told the astronomers that he had recognized a postponement of four minutes in the presence of one of the objects every sequential day. Singh likewise let them know that the item appeared to be the brightest light in the sky and dependably seemed to move regarding the stars.

The IIAP group advised the Indian Army to utilize an instrument called a theodolite to record the flat plot and vertical height of the two things. Army staff performed these insights between February 17 and 22 and submitted the information to the IIAP.

The astrochemists have acknowledged that the object watched from Point 4715 is Jupiter as the perceptions correspond with the planet’s diurnal movement and the evident movement of the item because of the axis of the Earth.

The portrayal of the second unidentified question that seemed promptly in the morning recommends that it is Venus, which is presently moving behind the Sun and will in the months ahead show up as a nighttime object.

The IIAP group said stars and planets over the skyline in Ladakh show up extremely shining in light of expanded air transparency at the high elevation and both Jupiter and Venus around then were the brightest planets in the sky. So no one is to blamed.

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