Eating in Ramazan Means Asking for Beating!

on Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ramadan, the holy month of Islam brings along the gift of piousness with it – television actors slip on trendy shalwar kameez to host the Ramazan special programs while dairy companies spat over how their milk will make Iftar divine and a better experience. Yes, Ramazan is emphasized as jovial in our part of the world.

Among this, a video has raised many eyebrows. A man in Karachi was beaten viciously for eating during Ramazan. The video revealed the man beaten black and blue was bleeding while few roamed around him, and a camera man toiled to get the finest shot of his bleeding face. Surprisingly, nor did anyone give him a helping hand neither attackers had noticed his injury.

This man who was racked in pain described this incident to anyone keen to listen. Although everyone heard, none came to help him.

The battering was a boost of devotion for some, but the majority of the Pakistanis was disappointed with disgrace. This man who had to face the dreadful situation would certainly give way to a cloud of doubt in his mind about Islam being a religion of peace.

This even shows the typical attitude of the extremists in the country; force, if someone doesn’t follow your religion; pronounce an atheist, if he disagrees with your point; shun him, if he desires to understand religion through a way you don’t believe in.

This approach is of the authoritative and loudest if not of the mainstream.

Amid trying to be the most religious, the main significance of the whole idea has started to wither. This is the significance of peace, rightfulness and lenience that all the religions of the world teach.

Isn’t this the prejudice that has taken us miles away from Jinnah’s visualization? This is the exact prejudice on which Pakistan was formed. How did we become so immune, unsighted and deaf? Well, is it because we decide on avoiding massacre, supposing that it doesn’t exist if it doesn’t affect us?

In between this argument’s hubbub, the main idea of the human mind slips away- acquiescence can be charged by forcing, but not by respect. Respect doesn’t simply evoke by aggression or law. It just comes from inside.

Perhaps that man won’t any longer eat where he can be seen by people or possibly, he’ll somehow conceal himself while eating. Nevertheless, he will eat right? He certainly will and it’ll be during this Ramazan.

Do you suggest we should assign “religious believers” in his room to uphold Ramadan’s respect?

Our social fabric is blackened out by unfairness. In our worldview, extremists and violence has made unwavering position. Neglected and minorities stand at the cliff. Enduring the Pakistanis in contradictory perspectives, accepting their differences and setting harmony ahead of everything else is the ultimate answer. We don’t have another 66 years for this.

Certainly it has to begin before there are further Rimsha Masihs, before more Hazaras are brutally slaughtered, before disaster is completely written all over Pakistan.

We have to save Pakistan.

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