on Thursday, July 18, 2013

Iftar means to break the fast. It is referred to the evening meal when Muslims break their fast after fasting for the whole day in the month of Ramadan. Holy Prophet (SAWW) used to break his fast by eating some dates before offering Maghrib Salah. So Muslims break the fast with some dates to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said that do not delay Iftar to be always blessed. ALLAH(SWT) said there are two types of happiness for the fasting person, one is at the time of iftar and the other one is at the time of meeting ALLAH. At the time of Iftar, prayers are accepted. If you want to gain reward from ALLAH then you should hurry in breaking your fast at Iftar.

ALLAH (SWT) showers his blessings on Muslims at the time of iftar. Giving Iftar meal is also very rewarding. Feeding a fasting person is much more rewarding. Some of the blessed companions said that they were not so rich as to give Iftar meals to a fast person, then the Holy Prophet (SAWW) replied:

“The rewards will be given even to a person who gives a date as iftar or who provides water to break the fast or who offers a little milk”

If a person gives iftar only with money earned from prohibited means, then he/she is committing a sin. One should give money for iftar which is earned from a permitted way. It is allowed to invite a non-fasting person to iftar as some people have a misconception that it is not allowed. If a person is not fasting because of an excuse like he is ill or travelling then he can be invited for iftar.

Iftar is spiritually a pleasurable act. This pleasurable act cannot be contaminated and ruined with greed and impatience when it is time to break the fast. Iftar is one of the best blessings from ALLAH (SWT) and we should thank Him for all His blessings. We should also help the needy people who cannot afford to prepare iftar with some meal. We can help them with our money. Giving someone money for iftar meal is as rewarding as giving iftar.

May ALLAH always accept all our prayers in this blessed month of Ramadan!

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