How to Conquer Anger Felt Towards Allah

on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Different people respond in different ways to crisis. It is totally natural to feel depressed, forlorn and mortified in troubled situations, such as the death of a dear one, being identified with a grave ailment, natural catastrophes or trauma and so on. As mentioned, different people tend to react in different manners towards their troubles. Some might get angry, some might become overly depressed, some might shrink back into the shadows, some might even blame others for their misfortune and then there are the worst of the kind, who after finding fault with nothing else, try to lay the brunt of their complications on Allah. They say things like, how could Allah do this to me? How could I be thwarted so by Allah? I did everything I could according to his consent and still I didn’t succeed, why Allah Why? And so on.

There is no argument that it is flabbergasting and confounding when you can’t find the answer to all the queries and it is totally understandable when people snap due to excessive pressure caused by a situation that has gone careening out of control. However, instead of playing the blame game with Allah, you should try to rise above your adversity and face the problems.

Below is mentioned some excellent advice that will aid you in this regard:

1. First of Be Honest to Your Own Self:

The first portion of recuperation and mending your soul is to admit that you have a problem. Even if you feel stigmatic or guilty of being angry, don’t hesitate to admit that you experience such a detrimental emotion. If we don’t acknowledge and accept the negative aspects of our personality, then we will never be able to repair these said negative attributes.

2. Be Humble and Overcome your Pride:

Contrary to the conceptions of many, humility is not a flaw. You should accept the fact that at times there are events that are out of one’s control to manage and there are certain times when you have to relinquish control. It is not a mistake on Allah’s part when you face a trial or challenge but is a testament that Allah is at work. So, always remain humble and prostate to Allah and cleanse yourself of the grave sin that is pride.

3. Implore to Allah and Make du’ā’:

Du’ā is a channel, a means through which man can ask Allah for anything that he craves or needs in his life. It is also a method of beseeching Allah for his forgiveness. When you ask someone to lend you anything of value or something that you need, then it is possible that he may turn arrogant and unmindful towards your imploration. On the other hand, Allah listens to his people and makes the necessary alleviation to their problems. So, if you find yourself in a hassle or bind, fear not. Remain true to Allah and direct all of your prayers and du’ā towards him so that he may deliver you from your trials.

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