Islamic Teachings About Working Women

on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Today, in many societies women are considered useless and meaningless while men are given a lot of importance, which is not right. If a woman is single and she does not have anyone to support her financially, then she can go out to work and earn her living. Islam has given a woman enough freedom to go out and work for herself to live good a life. A good woman should possess certain qualities. According to Lord Bryce:

“The qualities which are required to make a woman a good person are intelligence, self control and conscience.”

Another writer says:

“Common sense, knowledge and devotion are the virtues of a true woman.”

In the modern history, many countries depend on women. If women are good and have different qualities, a country is praised by other countries; but if the women are not good then it becomes difficult for the country to develop and be respected among the nations. A good woman must possess the following qualities:

Intelligence And Wisdom:

Every woman must be educated enough so that she may:

Be able to tell the good or the bad and to understand the affairs of life and country properly.

Be able to understand her own rights given by the country as well as to perform her duties with proper understanding and knowledge.

Be able to select clever and wise people for the betterment of her country and her smooth running life.

Self Control:

Self control is an important quality without which no woman can be a good woman. A woman should be capable to control herself. She should be patient and tolerant towards others. She must obey the verdict of the majority; however, she may strongly feel it wrong. She must not use violence. She must consider the interests of the country to be more important than her private interests.

Honesty And Performance Of Duties:

A good woman must possess conscience and devotion which means a sense of civic duty, responsibility and spirit of sacrifice. Honesty leads her to discharge her duties honestly and diligently.

Obedience To Law:

The highest quality of a good woman is that she must obey the laws of the country and should not break the laws for her personal interests.

Spirit Of Sacrifice:

From the qualities of a good woman, the spirit of sacrifice for others is very worthy. She is then able to sacrifice her personal interests for the betterment of her country.


A good woman must have intellectual and brain qualities. For good health, cleanliness of the environment, cleanliness of self and home are extremely important. A woman has the responsibility to look after her own health. She must keep her home and environment clean, whereas, the government has its first duty to look after the general health of women.


The literal meaning of justice is the way to keep the right things in their right places. It is the foundation of the divine law. No aspect of life of a woman can be complete without justice. It is the justice which makes a society peaceful and prosperous.

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