Fruits of the Latest Technology in Islam

on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Islam is the religion which is bestowed upon the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) about 1400 hundred years ago. Islam and its holy book called Quran are the enlightened source of guidance for human beings regardless of their concerned era and time. It was as modern for the poor illiterates of Saudi Arabia as now for all the human beings. The topic of this article is to calculate the use of the latest technology in Islam.

The major objective of Islam and a practical Muslim is to accept basic teachings of Islam and spread the same noble message to all non Muslims. In earlier days, Islam spread as the followers of Muhammad (S.A.W) traveled all around the world and through their practices the religion gained popularity in the different corners of the world. For this very objective, the latest development has taken a revolution in the process of preaching the basic soul of Islam e.g. with the invention of internet and its vast spread all over the world, it is now easy to disseminate the teachings of Islam in every corner of the world without being physically present over there.

For Muslims, it is now easy to take different information from the internet and there is no need to go to the religious scholars for religious solutions (fatwa) all the time. Almost all the religious groups (fiqa) have developed their websites for their followers and they are also free for non Muslims for the sake of preaching. All Quran, its translations in various languages and sayings of prophet (Hadith) are now at the distance of one click instead of exploring the huge books and libraries. The recordings of distinguished scholars of Islam are also now available at the internet. The social media of the internet world is also playing a positive role in the dissemination of Islamic knowledge, problems and solutions to it. It has become a platform where every Muslim can express his experiences, feelings and expressions to the world.

Despite the fruits of internet, there are numerous latest technologies which are directly or indirectly yielding benefits for the Muslim communities. Take the example of the fastest travel facilities nowadays with their great benefit for people on Hajj pilgrimage, and those who are on the preaching mission in the world. Same is in the case of telecommunication: the mobile phone has become an integral part of life, and for Muslims it may carry Quran, Hadith, alarms for prayers (namaz/salat), Islamic calendar, tool to tell the exact direction of House of Allah (qibla) located in Saudi Arabia and so many useful applications which are beneficial for Muslims. The air cooling systems are making our mosques a better place to spend the precious time there and learn more about Islam. Laptops, computers, multimedia and print media are also providing benefits to the Islam.

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