Is Following The Latest Fashion Wrong?

on Friday, July 19, 2013

“Fashion is not something that is present in dresses only; it is in the blues, in the street. Fashion has to do with our ideas and the manner we live”.

Fashion is the way to express yourself through the clothes you wear. It represents you as a human being. Your reflection of ideas, culture, society and most importantly, your personality is fashion. To simplify, it’s your mirror. But again, the latest fashion is more about the trend that is encouraged by the designers’ latest collections and runways at a specific time. Usually, these trends are inspired first by socialite or celebrities and soon shine under the limelight. That’s when it is followed by others who make it the latest fashion and it spreads quickly within the blink of an eye. To look more deeply, these newest fashion trends keep on changing every year and are temporary.

As a matter of fact, many people tend to always follow what’s new in the society. In the same way, when any latest fashion hits the town people try to embrace it with enough enthusiasm. Why do they do so? This is simply a symbol of “belonging”. It is so that they don’t feel singled out among other trendy people around.

Is it necessary to always follow the latest fashion? From my viewpoint, the answer is  ‘no’. The whole idea seems like a waste of money. When you buy a trendy dress or bag just because of the fascination of staying up with the latest fashion, will it remain trendy after a few months? You’ll then begin hunting for something else which is more up to date even if it’s out of place for you. Keep in mind, the latest fashion remains ‘latest’ until some other trends join the world of fashion. You’ll have no say in designing your own personality but rather follow what others have set for you. Is that good enough? Moreover, this idea flickers your lack of originality and individualism vibrantly.

Is following the latest fashion wrong? Of course, it isn’t wrong!  There is nothing appalling in being trendy and following the newest styles in town. It is rather enjoyable how people will admire you for your fashionable looks that will simply bring a curve to your lips. But don’t you think when you wear what people loves to see, resolves your identity by their tastes? Latest fashion might be classy for a certain age group and even unsuitable for another. Therefore, when everyone tries to follow it, some remain behind being uncomfortable with it. Hence, if you want to gain self-confidence, wear what’s comfortable rather than what the latest fashion gifts you. No one needs to follow it to be trendy. Be yourself and hold to your personality instead of following others.

Keeping all in mind, fashion is your reflection, but the latest fashion isn’t. Certainly, following it isn’t wrong but “being you” is the ultimate and eternal fashion. Follow it and you’ll remain trendy as ever. Don’t make fashion ‘own’ you but learn to ‘own’ fashion itself.

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