Shahi Tukray: A Delicious Dessert

on Thursday, July 18, 2013

Usually, Iftar starts with dates in impersonation of what the Prophet PBUH consumed first for iftar when fasting Ramadan. Then different types of food are served. Those types of food are completely different depending on every region in the world.

As everyone knows, during the Holy Month of Ramadan tasty and delicious food becomes an important part of our daily food. People love to have a variety of food on their table at the time of Iftar. Here, I will introduce to you one of the delicious deserts of Pakistan ”The Shahi Tukray” (Royal Pieces). Shahi Tukray is more or less like pieces of Pizza that is prepared with pieces of bread.

The method to prepare this dish is easy and simple. Cut pieces of bread in triangle shapes and fry them in oil until they become golden. Boil some milk upto double its thickness and put sugar and add cardamom seed into it. Then add some coconut powder if you wish, and again cook at low heat for 10 minutes. Now, mix some condensed milk into it. Put this mixture over the bread pieces and garnish it with dry fruits like pistachio, almond, coconut pieces and peanuts.

Basically from Pakistan, this pastry has numerous varieties. Basically, it is seared bits of bread, spiced with saffron and cardamom, dunked in cream, sweetened with sugar syrup or consolidated milk (present day form) and at last decorated with fragmented almonds and slashed pistachios. For some, it is likewise an Eastern form of the bread and margarine pudding.

Despite the fact that, this pudding is best consumed on that day, it tastes amazing on the following day, as well. It might be served after a dish, at teatime or indeed, for breakfast. Small children would love it as it is really tasty and can be a delicious addition to your Iftar during Ramadan.

Making of Shahi Tukray is very simple as well as very complicated. One can find enough resources about this meal at the internet. The method and ingredients of many specialists and regions may differ from one another. I will give you the detail of ingredients of Shahi Tukray so anyone who wants to make it at home for Iftar or even Sehri (Sahoor Meal) can prepare it easily.


Bread slices 10

Milk 2 cups

Sugar 150 grams or 3/4 cup

Tetra pack cream 1 cup

Saffron (zafraan) 1/2 tsp

Kewara essence (kewra) 1 tsp

Whole dried milk (Khoya) 1/2 cup

Almonds and pistachio as required (cut in slices)

There are different types of Shahi Tukray including Badami Shahi Tukray, Arabic Shahi Tukray, Khasta Shahi Tukray, Nawabi Shahi Tukray and many more. For housewives, this month is difficult as well as full of learning. During this month, people mostly like to eat non regular food and experiments are carried out at a large scale during this holy month of Ramadan. So you can also do some experiment, try Shahi Tukray and enjoy.

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