Sex addiction: Reasons behind and Coping Strategy

on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Drug addiction and alcohol was once considered the only moral issues in the world. But now the huge number of porn websites has created another social and moral issue, which is sex addiction. The world of the internet is full of these illicit materials, and a survey revealed that 37 percent of the internet total traffic goes to these sites with hundreds of thousands unique visitors daily. It is sad to admit that the major portion, of these internet users, is from the Muslim countries.

Religiously speaking it is Haram for a Muslim to watch these materials on the internet, and it is forbidden. However, the social issues behind this addiction are very much dangerous and destroying. It ruins the person’s health, destroys his relationships with others and in some cases an unhappy ending in case of Married persons.

The main causes of sex addiction are below;

• His accomplice has lost all interest in sex.
• His accomplice is sick or pregnant.
• His accomplice may anticipate that he will perform an uncomfortable sex act.
• The partners have junior youngsters and they impart their prompt space abandoning them a small chance.
• They have junior youngsters who make extraordinary requests on them abandoning them excessively tired for sex.
• Their occupation is extremely requesting and they get tired.
• They have an inconsistent work with the accomplice.
• They or their friend are debilitated, and one can’t satisfy the other.
• The partner is away in the army (as an example) for long periods.

It is not the devil, it is oneself; distinguish this. As your Allah for help with a large number of du’aa and qu’ran that might repulse even the most unshakable devils, and might at present feel a serious craving. I acknowledge, it is the soul. When you understand this you are one stage closer to individual authority. Attempt it, read ”ayat Al-Kursi” and check whether it offers assistance. Provided that if it doesn’t help, then you know it is your internal insidiousness, and not the devil.

You will recognize as you get that craving that your rate goes up, your physique is calmer (endorphins discharged in your physique), your high temperature is up. Assuming that you understand this, then you’ve gotten a different step closer. Why? since a couple of days later of going without hesitation you’ve flushed out the chemicals/hormones that have been influencing you and the consistent need for the high that you get. Consider it a heroin someone who is addicted; however, on account of a sex high which gives you that exceptional feeling.

Give distraught philanthropy. Do and give charity as much as you can. This is how you can solve this problem, give it immediately after committing the sin. I mean a mess of philanthropy. Attach it to your sins in the event that you do it. Your deed is 100% Haram; you have to deal with this. It is so simple to advocate it. Think of consuming pork. You never go close to it, on the grounds that you know that it is haram. It goes the same for porn. You need to not to lie to yourself, to understand that there is no exception for your own wishes.

There Is No Justification Except Your Self. You Do It To Please Yourself, That Is It.

You have a habit for life. You need to totally stop without any weaning period, and never begin again.

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