Facts about Ramadan

on Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramazan is the month in which Allah showers his countless blessings on mankind. According to the teachings of Islam, every healthy Muslim should fast during the holy month of Ramazan. Unlike other months in the Islamic calendar, Ramazan was given a special importance by Almighty Allah. It is believed that every Muslim was provided a special opportunity by Almighty Allah to wash away all sins and collect as much blessing as one can.

The concept behind the holy month of Ramazan is that one have to fast for almost a day, in which a Muslim is not allowed to eat or drink anything between Fajar and Maghrib prayer. During Ramazan, the Muslim community is encouraged to have as maximum prayers as they could, because in Ramazan Almighty Allah allow mankind to get closer. Good deeds are always answered by Allah, but in the holy month every step a Muslim take can get him many blessings from Allah.

One of the most significant fact about Ramazan is that all the evils including the devil are kept in detention by Almighty Allah so that Muslims would not be misguided by any evil powers. The purity in the prayers is to be expected of every Muslim. According to the Quran, the best possible chance for a Muslim to get a place in heaven can only be created in the holy month of Ramazan.

Fasting is basically a practice that allows Muslims to gain self-control against all the evil deeds and sins. At the same time, Almighty Allah gives in return whatever is desired by a Muslim sooner or later. However, it is said that when a Muslim wish for something in the holy month of Ramazan, it is never neglected nor rejected by Allah at any cost.

In Ramazan, any gesture that can hurt other Muslim fellows – male or female – is strictly prohibited. The holy Quran and holy Prophet PBUH have emphasized on the fact that one must avoid any sinful act in the holy month of Ramazan. Fasting not only means to stop eating and drinking as it’s also about having all of those practices that are ordered by Allah. The significance of the holy month of Ramazan can be understood, if someone dies during this holy month as Allah will surely forgive all of his sins and grants him a place in Heaven.

It’s all about having practices of good deeds in Ramazan that can be continued throughout the year by every single Muslim. To get the maximum of forgiveness from Allah, He should be the highest priority in Ramazan and faith is the only thing that can lead every Muslim to Jannah “paradise”.

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