Jasmeen Manzoor set to leave Pakistan for good…

on Friday, July 26, 2013

Karachi is the largest and most populous metropolitan city in Pakistan, it has a long history of fishermen since it has a natural harbor, although the city has diversified to a number of different sectors since its early years. The city has spewed forth a number of people, some prominent, others not so much. It has spewed forth prominent politicians, actors, actresses, military personnel, fashion designers, writers, and the list goes on and on. Among its prominent is Jasmeen Manzoor who was born in Karachi’s beautiful folds. She grew up and went on to do her masters in international relations before joining the world of television. In 1999, she began working as a producer and television anchor, before she started hosting Samaa TV’s most talked about current affair program, “Tonight with Jasmeen” in march 2010.

Her program has seen a number of guests, more so politicians as well as current affairs that were taking Pakistan by storm. She has four awards to her belt, given to her on account to her exceptional work. In 2009, one such award she received was the Benazir Excellence Award for Best Female Anchor in Pakistan. But the awards are not all she lays pride to, she has also made a number of informative documentaries that covered a number of subjects.

Jasmeen seemed to be taking on the journalism world in Pakistan, but unfortunately she quit Journalism(at least in Pakistan), and there is talk that she wants to leave Pakistan forever. If this happens, then Pakistan will be losing out on one of its prominent people in the journalism sector. Jasmeen’s reason for quitting and leaving the country follows threats. She said that she and her family were receiving threats, and according to her tweets, the said threats are coming from Muttahida Quami Movement(MQM) which is a liberal political party of Pakistan.

At the Energy Conference that was held by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in Islamabad, Jasmeen broke down before Prime Minister Nawaz, as she told about the threats she and her family were being subjected to. She said that she was unable to carry on with her profession and since the threats against her and her family were so serious, she also made a decision to leave Pakistan forever. She is said to have quit Samaa TV because they refused to give her security and also asked her not to speak so openly.

As with any other saga, rumors were spreading wild, with some claiming that her resignation was a result of her recent interview with Imran Khan, which sparked a number of interests and controversies. Also said to be behind her resignation was the land mafia, and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

In one of her tweets, she said, ”Amin Lahkani sent his men to my office, threatened my staff , put pressure on me but when I refused he threatened the channel!”

Pakistan Tereek-e-Inshraf’s secretary General Dr Arif Alvi said, ”I must appreciate people like Jameen for taking a stand and explore the attitude of the channel for bending under pressure. A lot of things go unreported under pressure. Journalists have been killed trying to stand up to pressures so to state that they are not doing it generally would be very wrong.”

Whether or not she will follow through with leaving Pakistan for good is up for debate, however, if she chooses to leave, then Karachi will loose one of her faithful women.

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