Deaths Among Children – Watch out for Blue Drums!

on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Have you ever looked around while on a highway and caught a glance of huge trucks loaded with eerie-looking, strange blue drums? Or have you seen them in any shop if you go to buy a cold drink or water?

At least I have, and the revelation of its fact is very surprising. Yes, there are special blue-colored drums which are used to store water or beverages by the shopkeeper in our country. The drums are critically bad for our health, as you would have figured out that much already. Actually, these drums are used to import chemicals to different, far away countries. Once they are emptied from the chemicals, the owner sells them in the market, and as expected, these are bought by some hooded buyers who then use the drums to store their liquid material. Without sterilizing. Without washing the nooks.

Of course, the government of Pakistan has strictly forbidden the use of the blue vessels, and has passed out statements to soothe the population that they are effectively supervised. Nonetheless, the drums are seen by many in shops by the majority of the population already, and the buyers have continued to make use of them without so much fear of being arrested. And neither anyone answers them about the open violation of government rules. As said, it takes two to tango.

Given the above, these drums painted with annoying blue color are currently used to store milk. Milk! Yes, the shopkeeper stores the milk in the drums, wraps it in plastic, and it is ready to be sold for tiny two years old. Milk is an essential food for children, and is consumed by them more than anyone else. We all know the immunity system of a child is in the process of maturing. With their defense system weak to fight hundreds of diseases in the environment they live, the issue crowned with consuming milk that comes from unsterilized, unfiltered blue vessels is a deliberate opening for their deaths. Children are already vulnerable to diseases, and no doubt the life expectancy in Pakistan has always deteriorated. Doctors have strictly banned using milk that comes from these drums or any other storing vessels to the parents. Not only milk, but beverages that are used to add in food items come straight from these blue drums, and the chemicals lingering in as mentioned in the start get mixed with it, resulting in being there in a food item that is proven to be too dangerous for human consumption, since death reports in this case would not be a surprising incident.

The particular diseases reported with using such stored water are infection in intestines and stomach. The problem with us is that we tend to take actions at the last hour. We take precautionary measures when there is already a news headline stating the death toll from the said consumption of milk and water. What’s the use of taking preventive and protecting measures after losing several young, adult fellow citizens?

It’s time to strictly appeal from the health inspectors, the institutions and the authorities appointing laws, and most importantly the government to turn an eye to this matter as well, before it’s too late. It’s the sole responsibility of the government to look after its people, but it is also the responsibility of the people to pass their appeals on an issue they, ironically, might have overlooked. It’s the matter of life and death, and for that, we ourselves are responsible.

Here’s the big question: How can you both; reach the government, and stop the use of these drums? Think of the possible ways soon!

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