The Verdict

on Monday, July 22, 2013

If you are a woman who belongs to the built-up, cultured society, you’ll presumably turn out to be finely educated and sophisticated woman with qualified degrees and on the dot, married within a few years of working.

It is expected that your work and degree are kept out-of-the-way, because now you are likely to take on the role of being an ‘ideal housewife’ with all the marital responsibilities that come with it.

But here comes the turning point:

Time has changed. Now the people and society has taken on a more practical approach towards the woman of this generation. On a diverse note, it is expected that they will perform not only the domestic duties that is ‘gifted’ to a married woman but also will be a professional person by taking all the opportunities of their  professional and educational qualifications.

To simplify, they want you to be a Superwoman –performing all the marital responsibilities of being a wife in conjunction with being a professional person.

‘So what do you do ?’ Is in fact a curious question you encounter during chit chats. The one monotonous reply to it that you give awkwardly is ‘I am a housewife ‘, imagining of every assumption that person perhaps would make about you.

Maybe, that very person might have a different impression about you, very different from what you ‘actually’ are. Most probably, they’ll take you as a mindless person who has not much interest to get in touch with the outside society but rather, likes being a lazy housewife who has no interest of developing a professional personality or having their own identity. Oh, then come all your remorseful clarifications about how you belong to a typical family who do not support the working of the females or how your time passes away within a blink, running after your kids.

As a matter of fact, being only a ‘housewife’ shouldn’t be an option. But unfortunately, you easily become a prey of this forceful condition.

Yes, many women have faced this exact situation. But whenever you try to make it looks like you didn’t have the opportunity at the beginning, it is only an act to obscure your remorse to have chosen only the life of being a ‘housewife’ yourself. Most probably, you do this to get rid of the judgment the other people who will comment on your ‘wasting of professional potential’.

With time, mentality has changed significantly. Formerly, it was expected of women to only carry out the marital duties perfectly. Now they are also expected to give a hand in sharing the investment of the family. In the modern, educated society, a woman is a ‘working lady’ who exploits her academic aptitude in a lucrative job and happily contributes to the society. Not to forget, that very ‘superwoman’ has to also flawlessly perform the household duties from being a good cook to a good mother to a perfect wife. You are expected to return home within time and look after the family’s emotional and physical requirements.

However, keeping all these expectations from women aside, the men’s role is always given more importance and favor. They fancy all the refreshments and facilities after working all day and astoundingly, expect a working housewife, the woman who also works like him with the addition of being a housewife.

Yes of course, the change in the society has led the women to gain their desire of having their own identity and shine in their professional career with the chance of being a financially independent personality, but if you look more accurately, are our lives any different than it used to be? No, it isn’t.

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