What Happens If You Never Get Married?

on Friday, July 26, 2013

We have all heard that opportunity never knocks twice, but in our society it seems that people don’t believe in all this because most of them think they can create an opportunity themselves. Like for example, people manage to have their own families by building relationships altogether to have a happy marriage life.

However, it is said to be true that arranged marriages are far more lasting than love marriages. In Pakistan, it’s quite unique to proceed for a hunt in order to search for a perfect match.

Here, I would like to share some of my thoughts on this matter in particular. I have tried to note here some of the interesting yet discouraging facts.

I would like to tell you a story of my friend, she was an amazing girl with a good sense of humor. She always wanted to have a perfect life. To get satisfied she almost did everything in her life to make it perfect in every sense. But the only question that always worried her “any plans to get married any sooner”?

In our society, when a girl reaches her early twenties people start asking if she receives marriage proposals and that question ruined my friend’s life. Every now and then she was asked about the different proposals from different families claiming to be perfect in every sense. However, she was a graduate but her qualification was not just up to the expectations of different families.

Most of the families would say “she didn’t make a perfect match”. It’s hard to understand what kind of instrument measures this perfection? Some families also said “she was bit overage”. It’s quite disturbing when you hear people say that they have lots of other options and they still haven’t decided to go for any particular one. Her family never got the reply from any of these families.

It’s quite natural for girls in particular to go to weddings and see couples walking together and having a perfect life. Every girl has an imagination about her future life. And my friend asks herself “would I be one of these girls”?

As the time passed, she was more depressed and that made her weep all night. She always asked me what people actually wished to have in a girl? What they actually need? Am I not supposed to get married? what if I am 28 and nobody wants to marry me?

I tried my best to calm her down but she refused to accept my words and she started to take sleeping pills. She actually got addicted to sleeping pills and one night after having overdosed, she left us forever. I want to say to all young girls not take the marriage issue so hard on you. Don’t underestimate yourself, it’s all about handling the life. Don’t rush yourself into a marriage.

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