The attitude of the Chinese towards Muslims and Pakistan

on Sunday, July 28, 2013

We listen and watch on TV channels that Pakistan has a close relationship with China. If you remember, the first TV channel of Pakistan that is PTV used to broadcast a song named ”Pak Chin Dosti…”. It was made to strengthen the relationship of China and Pakistan. If we look the Chinese relation with other countries, we can easily find that China has strong relations with Muslim countries.

Pak China relations were developed when Pakistan recognized PRC in 1950. As everyone knows that the relation between China and Pakistan are brotherly. Both countries try to stand along with each other in the time of need. From 1950 until now, different conferences and meetings took place and many agreements were signed between the two neighboring countries. In 1950, the basic diplomatic relation was initiated between China and Pakistan. In the beginning of 1966, the military assistance was commenced. In early 1972, strategic alliance was created and at the end in 1979 the economic co-operation was created. China emerged to be the largest trading power in Pakistan. Pakistan is like a bridge for strengthening relations of the Muslim countries with China. Pakistan also opened the path between US and China in 1972.

It is observed that China has good relations with other Muslim countries. In China, Islam is also followed by different groups like Uyghur. China relies on Pakistan due to many strategic mutual benefits. Pakistan has much stronger army than China and both countries have agreed to share their armed strength.

China has also a good relation with Iran. Mutual relationship between China and Iran started in 1950. The relations between China and Iran were based on economic, political and social assistance. In 1979, Iran and China became strongly tied with each other when the post revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran took place. China does most of the oil trading with Iran. It is observed that in 2011, China had up to 80% oil trading with Iran. Not only oil trading, Iran and China exchange different products with each other.

China has strong relations with Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Gulf nations. It is reported recently, Uighur people in China are facing many difficulties in practicing Islam. They are a minority and the majority is non Muslims. They are disturbing Muslims too much. The Government of China is not paying attention towards the rights of Muslims. There are different countries that have strong relations with China, but they are quiet on these humiliating events. It is very bad to know that Muslim countries are not standing for the rights of China Uighur Muslims rights except few.

Due to the terrorist attacks, Al Qaida had threatened China. Some Muslim countries assure that if this issue is not resolved then it will surely harm the relations of China with the Muslim world.

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