A Muslim was Deported from Israel for Visiting Pakistan

on Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Man was deported from Israel for being a Muslim who had visited Pakistan in the past. This is an account of his experience when he was in Israel and had to face untold humiliation and violations of human rights. As he was the holder of a British Passport, his country managed to save him from the Israeli prison. For others, not so lucky, the story is grimmer.

Mr. Usman Chatta had always been fascinated by the Wailing Wall and the Al-Aqsa mosque in Israel. He had always wanted to visit Israel to see those places of religious significance. He had finally gathered enough finances, cut his ticket and prepared well. His perfect plan came to a rude awakening when passport checking at the Ben Gurian airport on the 24th of June, 2013, led him to an interrogation rule because he had visited Pakistan before. He was repeatedly interrogated by various people in a space of ten hours, during which he has accused of being a Pakistani spy and as having motives contrary to the well being of the state of Israel. He had only wanted to visit some religious places and had no such motives and he described his interrogators as being no less than monsters.

For his stay in Israel, the total duration of which was about a day, he had yet to see anything resembling mercy from people who call themselves ‘Israelis.’ All of his text messages and WhatsApp messages were read and he was put through a ‘very uncomfortable’ body search and his luggage was put through ‘explosion detectors.’ He was then taken to a prison for such people who were considered a national threat: meaning, Muslims, Arabs and those who had previously visited Pakistan, or any other such rival state. Being considered a national threat, however, had nothing whatsoever to do with any semblance of evidence. Israel can and will deem you a national threat any damn time it well pleases, and will deport you after putting you through an inhumane experience.

The door in the cell that Mr. Chatta was put into had no knobs, the windows had double bars and the room was sweltering, heated place in which 5 others were cooped up. He was pushed into the cell with no promise of clean water or food. The other occupants of the cell were a British Pakistani, a French Arab, a Ukranian, a Palestinian and a Tajik. The graffiti in the wall expressed the absolute frustration and disappointment the previous occupants had felt towards the Israelis.

Mr. Chatta was then visited by a man from the British embassy who said that he would be deported via a flight immediately. When he demanded justice for the humiliation and degradation, the answer was that the sovereignty of Israel could not be disrespected. When asked if the answer would be the same, if it had been Palestine instead of Israel, he was met with silence.

Under the US umbrella, Israel has turned into a monster. In a world where discrimination based on religion, caste and creed are denounced everywhere, Israel is breeding these beliefs and practicing them on a regular basis. It is encroaching upon the lands of its neighbors every day with the arrogance of gods, and yet the US media portrays the Israelis as the victims. Israel is flouting UN security regulations and is the only country in the Middle East that possesses deployable Weapons of Mass Destruction. Yet it was Iraq that was ‘mistakenly’ blown to bits for possessing WMDs. The irony.

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john smith said...

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