What Ends the Anti-Muslim Discrimination: “White” House or “Right” House?

on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren arranged for a political Iftar Dinner where he invited Muslim leaders. Nonetheless, Imam Antepli of the Duke University was doubtful whether it was even significant or not. Meanwhile, the Obama administration invited Muslim leaders for an Iftar Dinner to the White House while the Islamic studies professor of University of North Carolina, Omid Saifi, called to boycott it.

It’s evident that we, the American Muslims, are in an uphill battle to recognize the correct posture. If you proscribe, you simply split a diplomatic knot but again, if you attend, you are considered the opponent’s supporter.

Whilst I empathize the claims of Professor Saifi, the Obama administration should stop countrywide religious and racial profiling, discharge Guantanamo Bay prisoners and discard overseas drone assaults. However, I knew the boycott will go up in smoke generating societal media wave.

Alternatively, distasteful cartoons of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) were printed in a Danish newspaper. The reaction was to boycott Danish products. Even, Iran’s largest mobile phone company, Irancell, had to sink deep in the trouble of boycott since it sent a religiously hateful text message. Israeli dates were sold at American Muslim stores during the holy month of Ramazan and what was the response? It seems like anybody’s guess that it faced boycott. However, those dates are still sold; Irancell is nonetheless in trade while Muslims eat Danish cookies.

These boycotts vanished partly because of the Internal Muslim disagreement. We all know the sectarian cracks that loiter underneath the tactful smiles. It comes as no surprise that not only Muslim Congressmen but also four dozen diplomats attended the event on 25th July.

On the contrary, our missing confidence is the bigger reason. To change the anti-Muslim discrimination you have to visit the ‘right’ house, not only the White House. It is the house of God who has forewarned in the Holy Quran, that Allah will change the people’s circumstance only if they amend their hearts.

The Holy Quran emphasizes on ethnics. But who actually desires to hear about it? Self –analysis is lackluster whereas boycotts are ostentatious.

The drone attacks are depraved and should be stopped but where is the urge to boycott the Saudi sponsored madrassahs stimulating dreadful attacks that have claimed tenfold lives of Muslims in contrast to the drones?

We should protest against Pakistani prisoners’ familiar extrajudicial assassination.

There should be a voice of disapproval against US authorities’ religious and racial profiling but who is going to fuss about these?

Claiming the similar rights in the US, which we deliberately flatten upon in the Muslim countries takes away the power of our ethical disagreements. It associates us with the approach we dislike. It allows the White House to fill up the sought after Iftar dinner to its edge regardless the calls for a boycott.

Ramazan is the time for prayers. We should follow Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s philosophy and be generous to victims of discrimination of our own backyards.

Although the White House overlooks our claims, the ‘right’ house possibly will give its consent to them.

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