China and Russia are the Worst for Human Trafficking

on Friday, July 26, 2013

The United States has declared China and Russia as world’s worst countries for human trafficking. Both countries violate the rules and regulation regarding human trafficking, and as a result of this violation; sanctions would be imposed.

Department of foreign affairs of the United States revealed this fact in a recent report in June, 2013 that Uzbekistan, China and Russia are involved in human trafficking on a large scale. In this report, department of foreign affairs officials declared that these countries are the world’s worst ranked in term of human trafficking. Both countries have been ranked tier-3 in human trafficking. Other countries that are involved in human trafficking are Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran, Sudan and North Korea. These countries also have tier-3 ranks in this illegal and immoral activity.

John Kerry U.S Secretary of State says that it is the moral responsibility of the United States of America to meet challenges and to eliminate human trafficking from world. Kerry said that human trafficking is open attack on basic human rights, dignity and freedom. According to the report of the United States, approximately 20 million people were forced to live a slavery life around the globe. In this report, they revealed that men, children and women have been forced to adopt labor profession. In numerous cases, women have been forced to adopt the profession of prostitution. Kerry said that policy of having one kid by Chinese government has increased the girl’s ratio to boys around 100 to 118. Due to these policies, women who are associated with prostitution profession are being smuggled from different countries.

In this report, analysts revealed some facts about Russia mentioning that around 1 million people are living the life of slavery. They are forced to adopt labor profession, labor services without any money compensation and women are forced to go for prostitution. Due to these problems, a big number of people are living below the poverty line in the worst conditions. Rating of Uzbekistan was tier-3, but it goes down after the Uzbekistan government declared cotton picking from the State in cotton season. It means that Uzbekistan’s government is willing to eliminate the factor of forced labor and human trafficking.

Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America will decide till September 2013 what sanctions to impose on Russia, China and Uzbekistan. It depends on the conditions and current circumstances. If the governments of these countries will take this issue seriously then there is no need to impose sanctions. If they neglect this major issue, then sanction can be impose to stop human trafficking and to protect humanity.

This report revealed the clear picture of these countries. Analyst also mentioned in this special report there is an increasing trend of human trafficking. Human trafficking increases day after day. No doubt human trafficking is very common around the globe, and numbers of countries are involved in this wickedness, but in China, Russia, Cuba, Iran, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe, North Korea and Sudan the human trafficking rate is very high.

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