What can US do to win Muslims’ trust?

on Thursday, July 18, 2013

The United States and Muslim Brotherhood have been on a see-saw since September 11, which has continued to lean one way or the other for the past ten years. However, it might be truer to say that the end, where US sits, has continued to lean back influencing the Islamic community excluding Iran as the other end of teeter board rises up, at the mercy of the West.

This is quite an interesting topic to discuss what are the factors that can make Muslims from all over the world trust the United States citizens and government alike. As an introduction, we shall see what really has made Muslims lose their trust in the United States. First and foremost, the FBI has failed to provide justice to Muslims living in America. Given the history, it was actually quite ruthless in arresting a number of Muslims on charge for 9/11 incident. Secondly, the policies applied by George W. Bush and President Barak Obama’s disappointing steps resulted in loosing the bits of hopes among Islamic community, the trust has flown out of the window. Thirdly, the last straw was the offensive videos that were called “freedom of expression” rather than a hateful speech as an excuse put forward by American embassy.

So what really can the US do to win Muslims’ trust? Let’s see. The United States government should give security and full rights to Muslims living in America without any complications and prolonged processes. There has been sheer insecurity for all American Muslims after the September 11 incident, since they became the sole target of suspicion since then. That alone erased the trust the Muslim World had for the United States, as they received news concerning the abuse of Muslims living in America. For gaining that conviction back, the Government must seek out for providing the basic rights of a citizen to all Muslims there. There shouldn’t be anti-Islamic learning in schools and colleges, and no demolishing of mosques as reported last year in Kansas. More employment opportunities must be opened for Muslims, and the troubles that every Muslim goes through to gain citizenship should be made less complicated. While that said for the American Muslims alone, for the United States to gain the entire Islamic community’s trust, in short, it should stop abusing its power over other third-world countries. The US makes unfair and unjust use of power and technology to influence the third-world countries into surrendering, particularly those that are a part of Islamic community. For the US to gain their lost trust back, they should stop attacking religion and Islamic morals.

Apart from drones, the last string of losing trust was the blatant abuse of religion and beliefs of Muslims through extremist videos. When the US embassy urges the Muslim World to “calm down” and “get over it,” they should turn a neutral eye to the issue to realize that any group would protest violently when such an offensive video, where their most beloved and respected man are targeted. It should be kept in mind that a nation, especially if that is Muslim nation, take pride in their religion and beliefs cannot simply forget attacks and taunts made on someone who is most dear to them.

As much as the US may try to ease the issue as a “bunch of nonsense by amateurs,” and label it as a plot to disrupt US-Muslim relationship, the authorities had the access to censor it, or reject the videos to go online, even for the sake of any religion’s honor and beliefs. Therefore, with that coming out, there is little chance for Muslim World to trust US and the Government again, considering what they felt before can’t be said as ‘trust’. As a bottom-line, to make a pleasant situation between the US and Muslim World, the United States must stop meddling in with Islamic communities and their governments. If they keep back and stop making abusive use of their super power title, things can be a lot better for the Muslim World. Or rather, in other words, the US should learn to trust Muslims as mere innocent human beings instead of taking them as terrorists, and they should realize the answer to violence is not with violence.

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