Suggestions Agreed by Scholars to End Crisis in Egypt

on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Islamic scholar and legal advisor of Dr. Morsi, Dr. Mohamed Saleem Al Auda with constitutional specialist Tharik Al Bishri have brought forward a set of suggestions in order to end the current crisis and clashes in Egypt. This was pointed considering the mass demonstration protest asking for the return of democracy, further release and return of Ex- President Dr. Morsi.

As for a reliable source, a released report consisted of the following suggestions and points, which have also been agreed upon by many scholars and specialists such as Hassan As Shafi – Advisor – Sheikh Al Azhar, Islamic Scholar Mohammed Al Imara, Dr. Saifudeen Abdul Fattah, Dr. Mohammed Muhthar, Dr. Thala’ath Abibi and few more.

01. Ex-President Morsi should take or be given the charge as the President again.

02. Considering all parties in the country, a temporary Cabinet/ National Governing Body should be appointed and the President should hand over the power to the Cabinet.

03. Temporary Cabinet should host the Parliament Election within 60 days of its formation, and the party which wins over majority will form the permanent Cabinet/ Government for the time period. There by the temporary Cabinet’s power will be transferred to the newly elected body.

04. Elected cabinet should appoint a suitable group to re-analyze the constitution which was brought to people’s voting by Dr. Morsi in 2012.

05. Host the presidential Election according to the constitution without further delays as the constitution was done. As formal person who wins over majority will take charge as the president, and certain powers will be transferred from the cabinet to the President.

06. Re-consider the constitution with democratically elected president and with a better understanding of all the parties of the country.

Those are the six points suggested and promoted from several scholars to the Egyptian government and people in order to solve or end the crisis that the country is witnessing nowadays. How many would agree and how many would disagree, it all depends on the Egyptian people. No intervention is allowed or even permitted to any external party.

May Allah bless the Egyptian nation and revolution, and He may guide them towards the right path.

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