Following the Path of Allah Solves All the Problems

on Monday, July 29, 2013

It is a fact that the situation and conditions of the Muslims living in a non-Muslim country is not only objectionable but also intolerable. Islam guides all Muslims to follow the teaching of the only Lord who has created the entire universe. The basic purpose for which the human being was created is to worship Allah and to follow the guidelines of Islam. Allah has clearly described in His Holy book ‘Quran’ which was sent to His most respectable and honored man Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) that He has created man to worship Him. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the last messenger of Allah who brought the ultimate message of Allah to the mankind showing them the right path of life. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was indeed a ruler for the men of the whole universe. The Revelation sent by Allah to His Holy Prophet (SAW) for the betterment of human being contained a lot of instructions and guidelines, but the only way to implement these guidelines and teachings in our daily life is through political command and supremacy.

Most of the Muslims residing in the United States think that they are living in a place where there is no restrictions regarding religion, and they are enjoying freedom of religion, but the actual picture is contrary to this. The bitter reality is that no one has freedom of religion in this country. If a Muslim thinks that he has freedom of religion living in the United States, he is living in a fool’s paradise. Freedom of religion actually means that you are free to implement the laws of Islam and the teachings of Allah on your daily life without any sort of hindrance, but the Muslims residing in the United States do not have such freedom.They only have the freedom of individual action which is also restricted to some extent which is quite an isolated thing from the freedom of religion. Muslims in the United States cannot lead their life according to the teachings of Islam. They don’t have permission to worship Allah openly as Muslims do in the Islamic countries all around the world. They are compelled to lead their life in a way which the system of the United States permits. So, this is definitely not a freedom of religion for Muslims.

The most imperative thing in the freedom of religion especially for the Muslims is the availability of mosques where Muslims can offer prayers five times a day without any restrictions along with all other facilities. The Muslim families living in the United States have changed their lives totally according to the society of the non-Muslim communities. The only solution for this problem is that the Muslim families should turn to the teachings of Allah.

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