What is the Future of Muslims in the United States?

on Friday, July 26, 2013

“What is the future of Islam in the United States?” This question can be answered in many aspects. In the present day, the emphasis should not be on discussing what might be the future of Muslims in America, but on knowing that whatever we do, will surely affect our percentage there, and in turn, our future. There have been many waves of Muslims who settled in the United States, yet could not establish their respect and place since they were greatly oppressed by some of the tyrant rulers dwelling in America hundred years back. Reasons behind their gradual expulsion include not fighting with their enemies and not standing against the oppression. They could not practice their religion there, so they suffered; some focused on material gain instead of thinking for the sake of Islam which defeated them, while the rest lacked the basic element of unity among.

Today, if we consider a bright future of Muslims in the United States in respect to figures and numbers, then apparently, that has been a success. Polls showed a rapid increase in the percentage of Muslims living in the US, climbing from just 50,000 to over a million. If we consider the future of Muslims as many mosques are built in the United States, then once again, there is another pleasant increase in the number of mosques and minarets. However, while the exterior number or quantity of Islamic features increase, the future of Muslims in a non-Muslim country is in fact decided by the quality of Muslims dwelling there. By quality, I mean the aim determination and conviction of the present Muslims. The best example to see the brightest future of Muslims against non-Muslims is by taking the event of the battle of Badr into account, where the “quantity” of Muslims was outnumbered by the two times more number of enemies. Yet, those few independent Muslims, under the soul and mind devotion towards Prophet (p.b.u.h) and Almighty Allah effectively demonstrated that they were the best nation; the best people who had destined success.

That event pronounces how Muslims, either hundreds of years back, or in present day should be. Coming back to the topic, future of Muslims in the United States must have a strong indication; a firm ring to it that really could decide the future. A future needs investment, power and far-sightedness. Look around and see if there is any large business company that is well-established and well-known and that could employ a very large number of unemployed Muslims only easily? Are we independent, satisfied with our living standards, and financially stable? Muslims could shape their future in the United States only if they have a strong financial back-up, so that they don’t go penniless when the American authorities choose to terminate the contract. There is a bright future of Muslims in America when they have a strong social structure, so they could guard the increased number of precious mosques and minarets in the US. The future is safe and protected for Muslims when the entire Muslim community is united, and when each and every Muslim is well-educated, polished and successful in whatever he does. As long as we are dependent on the US and their money, and divided in ethnic and caste, the future of Muslims, whether in America is not even slightest happy.

Even if the present generation has traces of Islamic patriotism, and urges to be united, the coming generation would likely get easily tempted to the western culture and soon the traditions and Islamic teachings would be forgotten, given the intense influence of the US on us. To secure Islam and our position, it is the time we brush away the influence the West has on us, and represent our religion with our dressing and attitude.

Moreover, the Muslim inspirational writers, leaders and poets are well in their fifties and may leave us behind soon. Therefore, the main focus of improvement should be for the Muslim youth. A strong establishment of our youth would be enough to deter any enemy that seeks to corrupt the Muslims and remove the holy religion from this world. Nonetheless, it is the youth who would easily get lost in the tempting the West offers with money, entertainment and power. Intermarriages, social pressure from the West and deprivation of proper Islamic education are the few main factors that could make the dreadful prospect of our youth steering towards the West more than towards their real identity.

Thus, “What is the future of Muslims in United States?” is the question that should be considered with deep thought. We are not only talking about the United States here, but all those countries where non-Muslims and Muslims live. I believe Muslims are the only nation that can quite easily influence other nations, and fix a permanent position among them. All it needs is to remember our identity and stay true to it; establish a strong financial and educational image, and be unwaveringly united. It is the nation of Almighty Allah, which has been under the supervision of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), a man who won millions of hearts in few years. Therefore Muslims, build stronger morals and make your youngsters get the Islamic education they direly need. They are the future of Islam in the whole world.

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