Iranians in Paris are against the president of Iran Rouhani

on Thursday, July 18, 2013

There was a protest in Paris regarding the newly elected president of Iran “Hassan Rouhani”. The Iranians who are residing in France are against this new president and to show it, they went out to the streets.

It was considered as the Anti-Rouhani rally. The people were on the road with their leader Maryam Rajvi. She is not only the leader but also the speaker for the Iranians and whoever is fighting for democracy of Iran.

Every year, the annual meeting is held to discuss the existence of Iran. The meeting is held at Villepinte where thousands of Iranians attend – to support the democracy in Iran. This meeting is held to specially support the Iranians who live in refugee camps.

The leader Rajvi is also the member of a council which discusses the existence of Iran. She is working for the Iranians who live in Paris and also supporting their views. The gathering by the Anti –government regarding Iranians were this time converted into a protest against the new president of Iran. According to the leader and the Iranians in Paris, Rouhani is not the deserving president. He have been only a part of the regime and not a president for the Iranians.

There were many other international leaders who were against this protest, like the ex-New York mayor. According to these international leaders, the election process was completely accurate, and the people made their choices.

The Iranians in Paris and France were worried only about democracy and security of Iran. According to them, they don’t accept attacking Iran and the problems that the refugees are suffering from in the campus as well as not being secure at all. The regime does not care about them. Also, the new president was elected through the old regime and he is not capable of controlling the country.

The Iranians later declared in their rally that though Rouhani is considered the president of Iran according to them this presidency has no value. Thus, people of Paris are not in favor of Rouhani at all. At last, the international leaders ignored the protest so it was almost useless.

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