Home Secretary UK to Ban Terrorist Organization

on Thursday, July 18, 2013

“Minbar Ansar Deen” which is a UK based organization and “Boko Haram” which is Nigerian will be banned in the UK under the UK terrorism acts. Both groups will remain out of the UK territory because both were alleged that they are involved in terrorist acts.

In order to ban an organization operating from the UK, the law suggests that it must be approved by the parliament. Theresa May will have to put a case upfront and if the case successfully gets approved by the parliament both organizations will have to stay out of the country, and no other activity will be allowed by these organizations.

Minbar Ansar Deen and Boko Haram were found involved in suspicious activities. After investigation, it was decided that the activities of these organizations were to be immediately stopped from the government. The UK government would not provide any space for operations to these two organizations. As the law suggests that if any organization is banned in the UK no one can have any kind of activity with that particular organization. Making membership with these organizations or in case if any individual or a group found supporting these organizations, it will be considered as a criminal offense as the UK do have strict implemented policies.

Theresa May as the home secretary of the UK will hand over the case to the parliament as the parliament will have to decide what should be done. However, there would be strong recommendations from the secretary office stating that these organizations should be disqualified. If the parliament endorses the recommendations by Theresa May then both organizations will not be allowed to have any operations from midnight on Friday morning. However, details were not revealed by the home office, but it was said that these organizations were involved in provoking people.

The content placed on the websites is used to promote the terrorism activities and is also distributed through the online web forums. Individuals were encouraged to join the organization in order to take part in extremist actions. Special trainings specifically fighting is a major focus area by these organizations.

Police have given an authority to use powers against the banned groups, Boko Haram is said to be one of those groups that are seeking to establish Islamic laws in Nigeria. The decision by the government to ban these organizations can be related to the murder of a soldier in the South East of London in May. If the parliament approves the case, then if someone even found wearing garments in support of this kind of organization, it would be considered as a criminal offense.

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