What are various channels for learning Islam for UK Muslims?

on Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Discovering Islam is one of the leading Islamic sites that offer hundreds of free Islamic TV channels, online books/videos, Loads of information based on Muslims, Islam, scientific reality about Quran, stories of reverts/converts to Islam, and Prophet Mohammed bible prophecies. The major purpose of this website is to explain the questioning minds about Islam, by putting light on the practices and beliefs of billions of Muslims worldwide. Islam being a universal religion is open to all the people, from all colors, nationalities and races. Thousands of people revert/convert to Islam every year. You get to discover why these reverts/converts choose to embrace/adopt Islam as their religion and choose to be Muslims.

Channel 4, turns itself in to a muezzin in the month of Ramadan and broadcasts the Islamic prayer every morning continuously for 30 days. Ralph Lee, head of C4’s factual programming said that the channel will keep acting as a countrywide tannoy system for the Muslims in the UK. They have also given a platform to Anjem Chaudary to represent an attempt and to air his obnoxious views; Ralph Lee says it is essential to move away from Islam that is associated with terrorism and extremism. Channel C4 says, that they just want to cater to the 2.8 million moderate, ordinary British Muslims staying in the UK observing Ramadan.

They also broadcast services from within the mosques as they do for Christians from the church at the time of Easter. They make documentaries about the origins that led to Ramadan. They also cater to the millions of the Muslims by lampooning Mohammed and mocking their religion, as they might do for the character of the Jesus and Christians. The Morning Prayer is broadcasted on the television, rest every prayer is played on the website of C4. This prayer is delivered by the musician Hassen Rasool and a 3 minute video showing the London landmarks including the St. Paul’s Cathedral. They could have chosen the Finsbury Park Mosque, Islamic Cultural Centre, Regent’s Park Mosque, and more, but they choose St Paul’s Cathedral for the Islamic call to prayer. This channel simply facilitates the Islamic worship is shown all over the country.

They are functioning as muezzin in a mosque by sounding the adhan. The objective here clearly is proselytism. It is essential that we let go of the notion that prayer call is an Islamic equivalent of ringing the bell. There was a poll conducted by the London Evening Standard, where it was found that most of the Muslims were intolerant and a lesser number of them were tolerant. It was also found that a majority of Muslims are generally isolated from other communities. Also, many of them believed that their most holy day, which is Eid, should not be celebrated in the UK. A few of the channels also showed that people are not in the favor of Muslim teachers covering their faces at work.

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