Importance of Taraweeh

on Sunday, July 21, 2013

The holy month of Ramadan is a blessing of almighty Allah to the whole Muslim world. In the holy month of Ramadan Allah showers his countless blessings on people. On the other hand, Muslims have to observe fast for the whole month of Ramadan. The concept of observing the fast is quite simple but yet unique. In Islamic calendar, Ramadan has a special significance in which every single Muslim seeks forgiveness of Allah.

As a Muslim, there are some practices that are mandatory (Fard) and some practices are said to be optional (Sunnah). To observe fast is mandatory for every healthy Muslim individual. But Ramadan is not about fasting only as one has to fulfill some requirements while observing fast.

In Ramadan, Muslims prefer to get the maximum reward from almighty Allah. Taraweeh is one of the prayers that is optional but this practice was followed by Muhammad PBUH as Sunnah. The Holy prophet said Taraweeh is a kind of prayer that can give you much reward. On the Day of Judgment, almighty Allah will question only about the obligatory prayers that were left intentionally without any solid reason, and not Sunnah.

Taraweeh is an Arabic word which means to rest and to relax. In Ramadan, Muslims offer special prayers and Taraweeh is one of them. In Taraweeh,Quran is recited in the same way that is practiced during the normal routine. The difference is that Taraweeh is much longer.

As far as the reward is concerned, Taraweeh do have to offer more rewards by almighty Allah as per the Prophet PBUH. As Muslims believe that whatever the Holy prophet PBUH did, was with of definite logic. The Holy prophet PBUH said,” Whoever observes night prayer in Ramadan as an expression of his faith and to seek reward from Allah, his previous sins will be blotted out.”(Muslim).

From the above statement, one can understand the importance of Taraweeh in Ramadan. There are about 20 rakats in Taraweeh, and it is offered right after the Isha prayer. When a Muslim offers Taraweeh in Ramadan, it’s a good opportunity for every Muslim to listen Quran.

The reward in Ramadan is quite high as compared to other Islamic months. It is Sunnah to complete the Quran in the month of Ramazan. In Taraweeh, the Imam completes the holy Quran while every Muslim listens to the verses. Finally, it is necessary to continue Taraweeh till the last day of Ramazan.

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