Has Obama Administration Failed to Safeguard Muslims?

on Sunday, July 28, 2013

Obama has promised to stand with the Muslim Americans, in case the political winds take any ugly direction. He also mentioned that they can absorb a terrorist attack. The negative implication of Obama’s time will be felt for many years. He does not understand the exceptional-ism of America and promises to support the Muslims and has been unable to keep America safe from the Islamic terror at both abroad and home. Obama’s policies of political correctness, willful ignorance to the threat to the West leading from behind, government dependency and appeasement might lead to future terrorism.

The Islamist ideology hasn’t been created by Obama that has been fed on the fervour of today’s terrorism. Obama made it very clear that he doesn’t believe that terrorism is a threat to the safety and to the lives of the Americans. He does not believe in using the terms Islamic fundamentalism and War on Terror which makes it clear, that either he believes that evil does not exist or may be evil will go away. But America needs someone who has the understanding of Islamic Jihad- the fundamentalist, totalitarian dogma that pushes the violence started by those who have started a war on the West side. Obama hasn’t yet given an indication whether he understands these threats or if he is capable of, interested in, protecting the Americans from them.

Securing the borders of America for national security purposes has taken a back seat because of Obama’s demonization and politicking of the GOP as the anti-immigrant. Obama has been seen befriending the Muslims and demonizing those who recognize them. All Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims and radical Islam is a dangerous threat that is clear and present in the country. The president has been really worried about offending the non-jihadist Muslims that he has taken the ideology out of the enemy, which in a nutshell is considering the enemy is a violent ideology.

The statement of the administration, that the Muslim Brotherhood is characterized as the administrations cluelessness. They believe in Allah. Prophet is their leader. Koran is their law. Jihad is their way. Dying for them is their highest hope. The ability to differentiate between what is wrong Islam and what is right Islam has handicapped the attempts of making differentiations between a sensible fear of revolutionary Islamism and Islam phobia.

Under the influence of Obama’s administration, the U.S. policy has taken a drastic shift to the support of the movements of these Jihadists. Obama’s Justice Department dropped the charges that were against the co-conspirators ISNA, CAIR, and other MB- affiliated organizations in the terror funding trial. The MB also powered when in Egypt Mubarak was thrown under the proverbial bust in spite of having a long history of peaceful alliance between Israel, America and Egypt. There are numerous Muslims who are working in the White House and are already holding their prayers there. It is essential for the president to understand that if tolerance becomes a one way street, it might lead to a cultural suicide.

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