Islamophobia – The One Great Thing

on Thursday, July 18, 2013

It is all about creating an impression. The Muslims walk that extra mile to make the non-Muslims believe that they are on earth for a purpose. On the name of māshā’Allāh,” the Muslims are always on their way to make the other sects believe in the superiority of their religion.

A pupil wanted to know what the “da’wah video” was all about and what did it really try to imply. Truly speaking I did not exactly know what to say. It was all about the Muslims proving themselves cool to the non Muslims. They kept on telling so many things about themselves in order to prove the ingenuity and superiority of the sect.

The Muslims Say they are So Cool:

I could not remember everything that was said in the video. So while recollecting I am not sure whether I am uttering the exact words. The message was clear and straight. “Hey, non-Muslims! We’re pathetic just like you.” My origin is that of a non Muslim but I was turned to Islam. However, being both a Muslim and a non Muslim I feel no reason to get attracted by such stupid religious analogies. The year when I was born my parents got converted to Muslims and thus I have an entire bunch of cousins, relatives and friends belonging to other religious sects.

All people who are non-Muslims and even those who are Muslims would never accept stupidity as a form of religious zeal. These people are all intelligent thinkers and they pay attention to all religious fervor with the best of logical reasoning. For the literate class, religion is not a statuesque. It is a way to ask for unimpeachable goodness. A religion cannot be a road to hatred and communal differences. Now, the time has arrived to reveal the truth about Islam.

You Can’t Make Islamophobia an Excuse for Sinning:

We are often dreaded by the thought that will the non-Muslims consider us inferior if the Muslim women wear burqas and not even listen to good music. In fact, Muslim women are subjected to stay within the quotation. They should have a non musical lifestyle. The women should not pray in public. They should not touch alcohol. And their name should sound Islamic. It is common for a Muslim to keep on asking all the time what will Allah think of me if I do this and do that.

The Muslims have to maintain certain strict norms in life. They need to pray regularly. Saying the name of Allah is mandatory for them. Thus, if you come across a Muslim who does not pray, who drink alcohol, maintain illicit male and female relationships and those who move on by clubbing are considered as people to be shunning the hijab. Those people are the sinners.

Then it becomes relevant to adhere to the beautiful words of the Prophet. He is of the opinion that it is his responsibility to save his Ummah. If they commit sin, Allah works all night in concealing their misdeeds. He covers up the wrongs done by his subjects. But are we aware of the consequences of uncovering everything which Allah has made sure to conceal all along. Cool Muslims say that maintaining extreme self restriction is giving way to Islamophobia. Because you want to look normal and because you want to make the non Muslims believe that you are cool, you cannot keep on sinning in public. That is absolutely not cool.

Using Islamophobia for a Safe Existence

Intelligent and perfect portions of the Islamic population are aware of the fact that people sinning against Islam are the Muslims themselves. There are Muslims groups and websites stating that the Western part of the world has always been setting a bad image for the Islam worshipers. The truth is that Muslims are proving the worst about themselves and thus they can’t leave excuses for others.

It is pretty easy to stand out and say “see what he is saying about me”. It is better that we look within ourselves and see what wrong are we doing to our existences. Whenever, you would try standing among Muslim institutions and congregations and try revealing the truth, you are sure to be ridiculed. You can never confront and address the one big problem practically. You would be tagged a sinner instantly. We love putting on with Islamophobia because we consider ourselves to be safe under the tag.

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