Meera To Start A Project Like SKMT

on Friday, July 26, 2013

Meera is one of the famous actresses of the Pakistani film industry, but she is not only known for her movies but also for making revelations. She was in the news when she had an affair with Shoiab Akhtar. Meera also made a dramatic decision when she announced that she would be contesting against Imran Khan in general elections; however, she failed to get the desired results in the general elections. Later, she made a decision that she would be starting the project like SKMT that is one of the philanthropic Endeavour’s of Imran Khan.

Imran Khan has the honor of building the only cancer hospital of Pakistan and this also motivated Meera quite a lot, and she finally decided to start the same sort of project in Haroonabad.

While having an interview at pearl continental hotel, Meera told the Express Tribune that the initiative to build a hospital like SKMT was never a plan but when she visited the US and Canada the team of doctors after listening to her idea motivated her to start the project. She also added that she was short of confident, but when she got immense support from the people, it boosted her confidence more. She got tears in her eyes while stating this.

It’s not that easy to start a project like building a hospital, even it takes quite an effort to start a small shop. Meera also admitted that its Imran Khan who motivated her to start a project like this. We need to have more projects like SKMT in Pakistan, she added. She also said that her hospital would be facilitated with the Cardio services in Haroonabad.

Meera believes that everybody’s life is important but unfortunately in Pakistan people are not treated with the way they should be. She also appreciated Imran Khan’s point of view “we don’t love ourselves enough”. She emphasized on the fact that the Pakistani intellectuals should serve Pakistan rather than serving other countries. Meera didn’t get much appreciation while working in Bollywood, but she said that when the same star was performed in India it was very appreciated by the people. It’s quite unfair when you see your own people not supporting you as a star, she asserted.

Over the years there have been many cold wars among Meera and other actresses. Recently, Humaima Malik said in a statement that most of the Bollywood actresses are more talkative rather than focusing on their performances. In response, Meera said it’s quite unfair to say things like that especially for seniors. However she was not worried about what Humaima said about her in the recent past.

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