Why to Tip: Lesson for Muslim

on Monday, July 22, 2013

You must have experienced going out with a Muslim friend or a Muslim couple and have noticed that Muslims are not good at giving tips to the waiters. In fact, it is said that the tip offered by the Muslims is embarrassingly low. When it comes to giving a tip to a waiter, it actually means that you are trying to support the whole staff. How does it feel when you go to a restaurant and the staff starts avoiding you knowning the fact that you are not good at paying tips?

Some people say that it is not necessary to pay a tip everytime but in my opinion paying a tip is a gesture towards the staff, and it makes them feel that you are kind to them. It is not an easy job when you have to serve people, and you never know what kind of people you are serving.

It’s quite unfortunate when people don’t understand that some professions like being a waiter, are not highly paid. The average income of a waiter in the US is $2.13. From this figure, one can imagine how difficult it would be for a person to manage all life expenses with this amount. If we calculate this income for a year, it would be 4430.40$. Waiter generally rely on tips, though they have to share that tip with other staff members, but it helps them a lot. The average requirement of money for a family of two adults and one child is about 40,000 per annum.

There may be some variations in salaries at different restaurants; however, most of the time they are almost paid the same, irrespective of the fact whether it is an American restaurant or a Muslim one. I have never understood why people pay 20% tip at chili’s but only 10% at a Muslim restaurant.

It’s better to think next time when you go out, and whenever you need to refill your coke, the waiters will refill it for you after every five minutes. So it’s justified to pay 9% as a tip.

I hear lots of people say that it’s good to tip well not only for the reason that you wish to show that you are generous, but it should also be given in order to have a positive impression of the Muslims. It’s a good approach though but it’s better if you tip with a mind frame that you are a decent human being. One thing that is needed to be realized is that if you have the ability to spend $100 on a dinner then why can’t you afford to pay $1 tip for the waiters staff.

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