Muslims Set Your Path Right – It’s High Time

on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It is a high time for Muslims to set their path right and rise again to the heights to reverse the time and bring those prosperous days back again. For this purpose, we need to have a SWOT analysis of our own to explore our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Muslims need to change their attitude and behavior as their current attitude and behavior will lead them nowhere, but will bring more disgrace and problems.

This is an exceptionally delicate subject in light of the fact that personal inclination inclines toward not catching the reality and actuality. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be great if we could be forthright: Most Islamic nations are being abandoned in social advancement as contrasted and different countries. There are basically five things behind this scenario.

In the first place, we should recognize the instructive educational modules embraced in Islamic nations, realizing that training is the first stage to refining the ability and brains of researchers, designers and innovators. Yet, our educational programs and our instructors, being the results of social standards in generally Muslim nations, remain glued to the past and unable to generate pupil of imaginative personalities and imaginative routes of thinking. Why is this so? In light of the fact that these educational modules and the mentality of educators neglect to worth or grip the restraints that are imperative for today, for example, subjects like chemistry, mathematics, philosophy and logic, which have been neglected and swapped, with all due admiration, by basically religious subjects and instructors who try to influence religious belief upon their scholars.

Also, Islamic countries for the most part have a tendency to stand in the past at the cost of the present and future and in this manner come to be occupied by outdated way of thinking. Despite the fact that incredible advancement has been accomplished in the past, now such nations appear solidified in time and obliged to certain school of thoughts that have been built by those who passed on decades or hundreds of years prior. Unwilling or unable to encourage the sort of visionary thinking and developments exemplified even by incredible Muslims themselves, for example Ibn Sina Avicenna, Ibn Al-Haytham Alhazen and numerous others. Therefore, we have looked as different nations have anticipated what’s to come by underscoring the exact things that have made advances that are urging and prominent. Times change, challenges go out, and innovators act and acclimate, so must countries.

Thirdly, Islamic countries acclaim the dynamic at the cost of the concrete, that is, they have faith in the obscure and neglect actuality by allowing this baffling scenario to command all parts of logical analysis. In spite of the fact that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to the individuals of Madinah, You know best about the matters of your world, so we should stress the physical over the otherworldly in empowering better approaches for considering. Yet, we remain fixated on the taboos, sins and failures of each helpful science and do everything we can to stifle real inquiries. At the time, numerous kinds of flexibilities, sciences, creators and innovators are blocked and controlled, we are left with those researchers who spend significant time in the fields of halal and haram.

Fourthly, Islamic nations are fixated on holy messengers and evil presences, God and Satan. In different expressions, if something flops at work or in school (how about we say a worker is terminated from his employment for unfortunate exhibition or a scholar is ousted as a result of intemperate unlucky deficiencies or disciplinary issues), then the washout is because of the way that God has chosen that it is not intended to be, or Satan and his shrewd plans have made it come up short.

Also we can see that Islamic countries have utilized weak and strange reasons to push craftsmanship aside. Numerous sorts of workmanship, for example music, theater, painting, and model have been de-underlined or totally neglected and covered full of vibrancy.

This has expedited making shaken and exasperates temperament and spirits, smothering abilities that could add to the satisfaction in life. Workmanship is an intends to fulfill our soul and nourish our feelings, transforming a more sure, equalized and otherworldly humankind and spurring individuals to live and work, and considerably more, to make, improve and give of themselves to others. Workmanship ensures mankind from all that can cut it down and permits spirits and hearts to fly high into a sky loaded with positive thinking and trust and to move relentlessly in the future of development, creation and revelation. The Prophet Mohammed taught us to brighten up our hearts now and again, in light of the fact that lamented hearts live in murkiness.

By what method can Islamic countries attain such advance, if there is small gratefulness for supposing and addressing all parts of our lives? We should turn the page on religious doctrine that breeds obliviousness and fear of what’s to come, particularly when we have the incredible religion of Islam which is substantial and pertinent in each time and place. There is no speech that Islam, as uncovered to believers in the Qur’an, is an accurate inexplicable occurrence however just for those who are interested in changing their view and want to think deeply. That is why I said the time is high for change and set our path right!

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