Getting Closer To Allah The Right Way

on Friday, July 12, 2013

As the holy month of Ramadan has just started, it is a great occasion for us all to strengthen our relationship with Allah, His Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Quran.  Ulema, the scholars have suggested the following ways to renew our relationship with Allah.

  1. Get ready to meet with the Lord of The Heavens and the earth, Allah by making wudu the way our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has taught us to
  2. Pray the optional Sunnah prayers while giving full attention to Allah, the Lord of us all Who is watching us day in and day out
  3. Think about the Jannat and Jahannum Allah has created for human beings and jinns
  4. Recite the Quran as often as you can while giving full attention to its meanings
  5. Think deep about the verses which you recite and their meanings
  6. Realize Allah is watching you all the time and i calling you to ponder upon the verses of the Quran
  7. Seek Allah’s forgiveness all the time no matter what
  8. Seek Allah’s help in every thing you do
  9. Say tahajjud prayer as much as you can
  10. Make a detrmination to lessen your sins and increase your hasanats every day by making a conscious effort to do so
  11. Listen to the Quran every day
  12. Seek mercy from Allah no matter how many sins you have committed  in your lifetime

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