How can you finish Quran in Ramadan?

on Thursday, July 11, 2013

Reciting Quran is a blessing of Allah and its reward becomes manifolds when is recited during Ramadhan as this is the Month of Allah. A person who fasts should recite more during these blessed days and honored nights. Those who learn and teach Quran are the best of Muslims according to Prophet PBUH. Though it is more important to learn and understand, but if you cannot, then reciting only in Arabic is not less, it is equally beneficial and rewarding before Allah and his true prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The Plan

For completing the recitation of Quran during Ramadhan, the most important thing is the intention of the person. Once you have completed reciting, recall your intention again and again so that the intention is purified. Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of pages or number of Ayaa’t, but remember that you can complete the Quran by reciting daily. There should be a well-drawn plan for your daily life and it should to be constantly reviewed. It can be after each prayer, early in the morning, before and after the Aftaa’r. One of the best ways is to recite and also read the translation of the part you recited. This will give you more knowledge of Quran, Islam and strengthen your faith.

For the purpose of completing, Quranic Competitions can be very beneficial. People can recite ideally after Fajar Prayer or Before Maghrib, sit together in Masjid, and compete with each other. This way not only recitation will become more interesting, and also will improve recitation of individuals. This is more beneficial for younger boys and girls. Keep a pocket size Quran with you and recite wherever you get some leisure time, before and after prayers, in the morning, while traveling and so on. For those who want to complete Quran in this month, it is very easy to recite one section per day by dividing that sections on the five prayers along the day. It will hardly take 10 minutes to complete every part after each prayer. In this way you can complete the Quran in Ramadhan easily; however, one can plan to  complete the Quran more than once during this holy month.

With consistency, one can easily succeed in completing it. Recitation will give you peace of mind and closeness with Allah from the teachings of Quran and spiritual growth. This is a month of training and will guide you during the rest of 11 months. So it is key to remain steadfast and consistent. Lastly remember Dua’a, (Pray to God), as the purpose of every kind of religious activities is Dua’a, Allah accepts good deeds followed by Dua’a.

Prophet (PBUH) once said: “Recite the Qur’an for indeed it will come on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for its Ashaab (those who read, memorize and implement it).”

He (PBUH) also said on another occasion, ‘The Qur’an will be brought on the Day of Judgement as well as the people who used to act upon it. Surat-ul-Baqarah and Aali ‘Imraan will then approach them.’

There is an exceptional benefit of the Qur’an in the nights of Ramadaan. For sure, the night carries an end to the occupied morning, and our excitement is awakened while the heart and the tongue mount upon reflecting our love to Allah. Allah is the one in whom we look for support.

The precursors of this ummah might recount the Qur’an continually throughout Ramadan and when they are fasting, they might sit in the masaajid and say: “We will protect our fast and not belittle anybody.”

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