Untold Story of a Cloaked Entrepreneur

on Thursday, July 11, 2013

Media in Pakistan, and those few other channels airing the situation of Pakistan on a 9 o’clock news headline gladly finish up stories about total kills, unbearable load shedding, lack of water supply, as well as a sum of total bomb blasts heard from all over the country in just a time period of 24 hours. They however, very surreptitiously, forget to feature the few smothered achievements some locals are still getting, bent-on to prove the underestimated society Pakistan is labelled with, as a wrong claim.

Pakistan is a country comprised of extraordinary talents, specializing in all possible fields from being the youngest MS professionals to manufacturing first ever private aircraft. The words stating the recent achievement of Faisal Naveed, CEO of Scaled Aviation Industries, as in manufacturing the first ever private aircraft in the whole of South Asia and the Middle East, a wondrous addition to the airline department of Pakistan, and another enriching experience for all pilots and flying passengers. According to Pakistani newspapers and journalists who excitedly featured Faisal’s inspirational tale, unlike the hypocritical media, said that Faisal had to face a number of obstacles along the way that could have easily, and successfully dampened his fierce determination to achieve what he intended to: personally building an aircraft that could take every Pakistani’s breath away.

The journalists are seen to have written that though they expected a bitter, lashing out side of the personality of the diligent CEO, with the acceptance of government and other ministries fussing, Faisal was described as a humble individual who though had to encounter a number of rejections, either from his family or from finding a cooperative partner, was a man with a “will of steel” that, actually, acted as a perk in his manufacturing skills.

The journey prior to the commendable success of a simple Pakistani resident, started in the year 2001 when he had to voice out his ambitions, and received quite discouraging responses from the ones closest around him. As said before, since the man had a will of steel, it urged him to keep on moving forward, all among the chasing, angry, begging games of placing the dream he was keen to fulfil to its deserving position. Nevertheless, through thick and thin of investing own credits and going into financial debts, Faisal finally made it to what he calls contentment, and nothing other than his own uncertainty could hinder his paved way.

Hence, for someone who privately manufactured an entire flying machine, working and floating in the air smoothly and, apparently without any faults, the Pakistani media must broadcast such a success as they take pleasure in screaming the criminal rate of Pakistan soaring high up. Though we can’t possibly try a fling at building our own aircraft, one can easily learn from Faisal’s enterprising enthusiasm and certitude too heavy to budge, that among evil lurking openly in streets of Pakistan, one can take a stand into doing something positive and beneficial. All it takes is a zeal, valor and conviction in oneself. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is a state full of gems waiting to be discovered, for we hope we shall see more of these unfolding gradually.

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