Killing a Baby for Religious beliefs is Unacceptable

on Friday, July 12, 2013

Today amid the fast moving technology, there are people who still believe in many old traditions and customs, which has no value. A Pakistani woman went through the premature abortion of her child just because she had already given to many children. The reason seems to be senseless here. In Pakistan, there are thousands of women who go through this stage every year. Also in Karachi, there is no system of doing the delivery of the baby in hospital, but it is done by a lady called “Daai”. She takes about 300 rupees and the instruments which she uses are some primary sharp objects, and in certain circumstances she uses medicines. Hearing all this is very shocking, but it is true. There are millions of married Pakistani mothers who had such unsafe delivery. All the women are not safe, so thousands of women go for abortion because of this method.

The injection of chemicals causes uncontrolled bleeding and many times it results in the death of the mother during the abortion. If a woman has many children then instead of using precaution method, she goes for such unsafe abortion; if she is not so fortunate, she dies. According to the thinking of people, trying contraception is against religion but going for such abortions where there is no guarantee of life is safe and allowed. The other problem is with the Pakistani husband who is against using all the precautions like condoms or even contraceptive pills, and because of all this, the real sufferer is the mother and the child.

There are some clinics in Karachi where abortions are being practiced but seeing that place also makes everyone speechless. The untrained women are acting as doctors and nurses while the surroundings, where the abortions were held, are unhygienic. The abortion is a crime, but in such clinics it is done openly. Moreover, not only married women are trying these, there are other women too; like the rape victims, sex workers and many more. In such verdict, only the mother is giving up her soul and along with them are the other children of the mother who are living without their mother because of abortions.

This all is very frustrating, and the only solution about it is to bring awareness among people and to train the women to take care of their health. It is also important to educate people about contraceptives as many have religious reasons for not using them. The main awareness should befor the couple as they should decide the gap between each child, and if they do not want more childern, then they should be given knowledge about precautions. The myths regarding the abortions should also be changed. The women should be strong enough to discuss this with any well trained doctor, and work according to the advice of that doctor. All women should give priority to herself first, and should avoid such practices. She should be very clear to the child. If she is willing to give birth, then she should stick to that. This is the only solution to save the unborn baby.

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