Does Islam Teach Terrorism?

on Sunday, July 14, 2013

If we look at the various principles of Islam, they show that Islam is a religion of peace to all mankind. Terrorism and violence is not allowed in Islam. Unfortunately, Islam is associated with terrorism and violence due to the action of some extremists who perform some unthinkable crimes in the name of Islam

As per Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) killing a human is the second major sin. He showed to the world that Muslims are expected to be even kind to animals. In a case during the life of the prophet, a woman was punished because she caged a cat and did not give her food or drink until the cat died. In another case, a man gave a thirsty dog some water which was really liked by Allah who forgave all his sins. Both of these cases are with animals so one should just consider how important a life of a human being would be in I slam, and what benefits a person would get from respecting other humans.

According to Islam, all actions which come to mind when we think of terrorism, like destroying buildings, planes, destruction of public places and killing of innocent lives are strictly forbidden in Islam. The people who use Islam as a reason while doing these crimes are mostly those who do not understand Islam, and are just using it as a tool and to spread the hatred of Islam in the world. Killing of innocent people even if those people are non Muslims is not allowed. Even the prophet asked his companions who were going to war to make sure that women and children were not to be hurt by them in any way.

The Quran says in many places that a human life is sacred as made by Allah and should not be taken unless by law and justice. As per the Quran killing the life of a single person is like killing the whole mankind, and by saving a single life the person will get the reward of saving the whole of mankind.

In many cases, a lot of non Muslim scholars argue that Quran gives the right to kill non Muslims. This is not true. The places which give this info are not understood or even read correctly. The places where the Quran mentions killing is only where non Muslims were killing the Muslims in Al-Medina and not letting them live safely. That is where the Quran mentioned to the Muslims to go for war and allowed them to kill the people who are killing them. Even in these areas in the Quran, there are sever warnings for the people who would kill without any reason. It is also mentioned several times that killing even in such a case is only allowed as a last resort and that Allah knows everything, and there is nothing to hide from Allah, so whenever a Muslim takes such a decision he should know that Allah knows everything.

It’s very important when dealing with the statements of Quran or any religious book to be always taken in their full context, and must be understood before being implemented. Today, if you speak with any known Islamic scholar, he will tell you how much Islam forbids terrorism and how some people in order to make Islam look like a terrorist religion are using the name of Islam for every evil activity they do.

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