Importance of Education in Quran

on Sunday, July 14, 2013

The importance of education in the Quran can be judged by the fact that the first word revealed of Quran was Iqra which means Read, Seek Knowledge and educate yourself. As per Islam to gain knowledge is a must for every Muslim whether male and female.

Islam is a complete set of rules and regulations on how to live a good life. Every detail regarding all the matters of life, business and relationships should be dealt with either from the Quran or Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad. In several places in Quran, it is mentioned how important it is for Muslims to get an education and when Quran talks about education it means two kinds of education. Revealed knowledge which was sent by Allah through the Quran and the Holy Prophet, and Acquired knowledge which is being acquired by the human by studying society, nature and history. As per Quran both types of education are necessary, and both should be attained in the light of Islam as well as worldly affairs.

It is explained by many scholars of Islam that the Quran has the complete guide of a person’s life and is  completed by the teachings of the Prophet. Both sources leave nothing unanswered so it’s important to gain knowledge on how a person should live his life according to the teachings of Islam. The Quran is not a book that teaches science or other knowledge related to a specific fields. It teaches basic human concepts on every sphere of life so that the readers and followers know how to manage their life.

As per the Quran, some benefits of a person’s education are:

  • The belief that there is only 1 God who has absolute power
  • Peace and brotherhood among all men
  • Passion towards others
  • All human actions have accountability
  • Only do what is Halal and know what is haram so that it can be avoided.

Allah sent Prophet Muhammad so that he can be an example to others and explain the Quran in detail to everyone with his words and actions so whatever Muhammad said was basically what is in the Quran, he just always explained it in his way so that it’s easier for people to understand. On many occasions, Muhammad talked about the importance of education. Below are some of the points that he has mentioned in his hadith:

  • Keep yourself in a circle of knowledgeable men
  • The ink of a scholar is more holy than the blood of a martyr
  • If you go on a path to get knowledge than you are going in the path of Allah
  • Getting knowledge is a duty of every Muslim male or female

In the light of Quran getting knowledge is like worshipping and Allah will reward who does that with good intention and all those who spread knowledge have a very high standings in front of Allah.

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