on Thursday, July 11, 2013

Saadat is mainly a famous Islamic name that is used for males. There are a few meanings for the name Saadat. Some say that the true meaning is blessing and honor. But, it was also found that the name Saadat means prosperity, delight and good luck. This is an Arabic word and it definitely indicates that Saadat is an Arabic. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) used many names and Saadat was one of them.

Mohammed Anwar El-Saadat who was known as “Sadaat” was one of the most famous names in the history of the modern world. He was the president of Egypt from the year of 1970 till 1981. He was the main Egyptian power responsible for the removal of the British rulings from Egypt. To fulfill his dream, he had to be put in prison again and again. For his tremendous act for establishing peace, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in the year of 1978.

This famous person was born in the year of 1918, in a middle class family consisting of 13 children. The main attraction point about him was that he used to act like a person who was very determined to fulfill all his dreams in real life. His first step was  that being the first student of the British military School of Egypt that was established in the year of 1936. After passing the graduation from that academy, he was assigned for a government job where he came to meet with Gamal Abdel Nassser. Together, they made their plan to free Egypt from the ruling of British.

He was first imprisoned in the year of 1942 and again after two years from his first imprisonment. But, nothing could stop him to achieve his goal. He became the acting president in 1970 and thus, Egypt saw the rise of hope that now many Egyptians wish they would see again an Egyptian president like El-Sadaat.

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