Today’s Islam is not Mohammad’s (PBUH) Islam

on Monday, September 2, 2013

Islam is the religion of peace, love, unity, equity, equality, patience, brotherhood, understanding, knowledge, helping each other and coexistence. The basic teachings of Islam have the guarantee from Allah that it will remain till the dooms day and will never change. The basic principles of Islam are based on the nature and scientific realities, and there is no conflict between Quran and modern science, but in fact, Quran has helped the humankind a lot in understanding the universe and the creatures within it.

Islam promotes peace and harmony, but one will ask then why Islam is famous for its terrorist groups Al-Qaeda, Taliban and so on! Why the majority of Muslim world is living under the poverty line and so much ignorance! Why Muslims are not trusted all over the world! Why the Muslims kill each other in the name of religion! Why Muslims are so barbaric today! Why they are killing innocent people including children, women and old people!

All these questions have to be answered in light of the history. We know Islam is the religion of love, and this was a practice in the early Islamic society. Muslims loved each other, their neighbors and even helped those who were non-Muslims, but this is not the case today; What we observe today is a shame for Muslims. The Islamic society is full of all sins and misdeeds. Many obvious and open commands of Allah are not being followed by the Islamic society. We have thousands of banks, while interest is against Allah and His Prophet (PBUH). Some people drink alcohol which is forbidden, others openly talk about girlfriends and boyfriends. In fact, we have adopted all the bad habits of the west and none of their good habits like punctuality, truthfulness, trustworthiness and commitment to their work.

The early Islam of Muhammad (PBUH) stressed on the need to build a society with the basis on truth and trustworthiness. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) himself was an example of the finest character. His enemies used to dislike his thoughts and teachings, but never pointed towards His (PBUH) character. He was famous as Sadiq (Truthful) and Ameen(Trustworthy) even before Islam. We pray, worship Allah, preach Islam, but we don’t follow Islam. Islam covers all aspects of Life, but we can hear many so-called scholars of Islam saying that Islam has nothing to do with politics, science, modern world and so on. We blame our failure as a society over Islam. Maybe either we don’t understand Islam, or we know everything but are reluctant to follow and enforce Islam in our lives.

We are doing whatever we want and we are insisting that we are on the straight path. When a suicide bomber blows himself and two dozen innocents, he thinks that he will go to heaven, but the wars of early Islam under the leadership of Muhammad (PBUH) were the best examples of wars. The Muslims were instructed strictly not to follow who flee, not to hit on the injured, old people, women and arm-less, not to spoil animals, houses and crops of the enemy. There was no question of blowing up those innocent people who are different from you in their thoughts, belief and character. Indeed, we can say that Today’s Islam is not Muhammad’s (PBUH) Islam. We need to go through a major surgery in our beliefs, in our society and the way we lead our lives.

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