America needs to review its policies

on Monday, September 2, 2013

Whatever is happening in Syria and Egypt, it has a lot to do with the standing of the United States of America. The major focus of the drama is switched from Egypt to Syria.The initiation of the civil war in Syria is still unclear, but this makes it obvious that the Obama administration is moving with the strategy of destroying Muslim states.

The Obama administration is no longer different from Bush administration as they both are aggressive against the Muslim states. It was said that Obama has a soft corner for Muslim’s community, but with the passage of time, the strategies of Obama administration showed that Obama is ready to pay the heavy price just to destabilize Muslim territories. The war against Iraq and Afghanistan is a proof to be a mistake.

It’s not only America that suffered the loss of the lives of their military men, but coalition partners also suffered a lot as the number of suicides have increased in the armed forces of America in the recent years. One of the reports said:

“There is a higher number of percentages involved in the suicide by the troops, the problem not only ends here as there are larger numbers of cases found including sexual assaults, alcohol abuse, domestic violence and other problems. The rate of suicides is the highest in the last ten years that is almost one suicide per day.”

The number of combat deaths is lower than the suicides as the troops are facing larger mental health problems. Most of the troops are not willing to take part in the war as they are forced to take part in the killings. Efforts were made by the US military to rehabilitate the mental sickness problems, but failed to do so as most of the military men believed that by having the treatment they may lose the chance of getting promoted.

One of the astonishing facts is that the rate of suicide in the US military is even higher than that of civilian suicide. The financial loss faced by America is way too high averaging $75,000 for every American household. According to the report by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, there would be budgetary crises to be faced by the government in coming years.

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