Halal-Googling: A Safe Way To Search

on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Halalgoogling is a new innovation, so as a responsible Muslim, I thought I should try it for once at least so that its legitimacy can be ensured. With confidence, I typed “sexy” on Google. I am not a spoiled person, and I am just the same guy as those who uploaded the videos of the two people “committing sins”. The purpose of placing the video over the internet is to raise the awareness level among the people so that they should know what shouldn’t be done. But the question is how one can understand about the things that are prohibited unless they are known? But I deviate from this fact, and I disagree.

As soon as I got the results on the search bar after typing “sexy” the results that I got were more preachy than explanatory.

The content that appeared in front of me was alarming in a sense that it intimated me that whatever I am doing is not good at all. I will be going to hell if I prefer to watch this stuff. I have already tried to explain what Halal actually is. In order to give an understanding about what are the things that are haram one must have to get a clear view of what haram is.

There are a number of techniques suggested by Halalgoogle; however, in normal practice I have to overcome the voices of Satan who always tries to encourage me to do sins. It’s good to have halalgoogle because it provides you a chance to correct yourself.

It is reported that Halalgoogle is launched after quite research done by experts for years but still there is always a margin for improvements. There is a lot more to be done in order to make it more reliable. I have tested it myself and found it quite safe to an extent.

I would call it rather safe to use because you won’t find any harmful images while searching. It won’t even allow you to see any pop up message from an unknown person.

If you try to find out the meaning of words like the “intercourse” you won’t get anything. However on the other hand, Google safe search will only provide the feature of disallow. I would rather suggest that the team that is already working on would focus on minor things, as well. I liked the way the team blocked the sex content because I don’t want my children to see all this stuff when they grow up. Random button is one of those features that I liked the most. One thing that I wish to mention here is the name of Halalgoogle, in my opinion should not be related to Google. There are several other choices.

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