Where is Islam heading in West?

on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

West will be west and East will be east, and the two shall never meet- Those who in the West believe in this saying should consider that beside their ethics and religion, their Western civilization’s roots were developed in the ancient Egypt and Arab Fertile Crescent.

Islam is the religion that presents answers to the worldwide crisis. It has always been applicable, but Islam and Muslims are facing a lot of condemnation, especially in the West.

Islam in Europe, Australia, America and the other western places have made it into a forceful new field of research. Ever since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 on the USA, it became the target of some nasty propaganda throughout the West. Attacks on the World Trade Center, Hijab controversies and uproar over the Danish cartoons are cases of international disaster that have brought to light the unions between Muslims in the West.

The toughest question that arises is; where is Islam heading in the West? If you look into this matter deeply, Islam right now is facing a bit of a trouble. Muslims there have to repeatedly undergo Islamophobia. They are looked with an eye of laxity, and as always, doubted to be terrorists just because of being followers of this peaceful religion which has been overshadowed by some extremists.

The US, Britain and their associates have viciously and unlawfully attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. Many naive people were exterminated by Western bombs.

In the West, Islam is mostly portrayed as a religion of terror which doesn’t allow nonviolent coexistence with other religions, according to the Western rivals. Actually, Islam has been more lenient of Judaism and Christianity than vice versa. It respects other religions. However, it’s still bothered as a sexist religion which puts women in a lower position, but in reality, women have been given all the respect in Islam. It’s frequently condemned as a religion that inflicts malicious, barbaric, and bizarre punishment. However the idea of taking vengeance, that is an eye for an eye, didn’t derive from Islam, did it?

Many Western writers and others throughout the West have disapprovingly swayed Western world thinking negatively about Islam and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Consequently, there is a great deal of misrepresentation about Islam both in the USA and UK in particular. Muslims there are facing discrimination, Islamophobia and profiling in airports along with their conversations being recorded in the Muslim oriented places, even in mosques! They are regularly bothered, as well.

Where Islam is heading, doesn’t seem fine. Most western mentality has a downbeat approach towards Islam and the media plus many people uphold common feeling that Islam is to be precluded like cancer. However, there is a likelihood that Islam will flourish, in concord, if the impartial group of the West and the genuine Muslims cooperate in making it happen. Else, it’s wholly obvious that the discriminatory West has no purpose of letting Islam grow or last!

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