Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf

on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Abdur Rahman ibn Awf was known as Abu Amar in the age of ignorance. The messenger of Allah changed his name into Abdur Rahman when he turned into Muslim. He was a man of Juhra tribe. The name of his mother is Shifa Bint Awf. Both of his grand-fathers from his father and mother sides were known as Awf. There is a huge debate about the age of his birth. According to famous Ibn Hazar Askalani, he was 13 years younger than the prophet. According to a point of view, he was born in 580 which was naed the year of elephant.

He turned into a Muslim in the very beginning of Islam. He was a very close friend of Hazrat Abu Bakr. He converted into a Muslim by the invitation of Abu Bakr. Abdur Rahman was a regular member in the meeting which used to be held in Abu Baka’s house. The prominent members of that meeting were Usman, Jubair, Talha, Sa’d and Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf. They used to talk about Islam. They used to think about the betterment of Muslims and Islam. They used to think how Islam can be presented to the world.

He was the “Sahibul-Hijratain”. Sahibul-Hijratains were the people who went both Medina and Habsha for the sake of Hijrat. When Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf made the Hijrat to Medina, the messenger of Allah made a relationship of brotherhood between Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf and Sa’d Ibn Rabi Al Khajraz. Then Sa’d Ibn Rabi told him (Abdur Rahman) that, he (Sa’d) is known to his tribe as a wealthy man. He wanted to divide his wealth between himself and Abur Rahman. Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf was amazed by the magnanimous attitude of Sa’d Ibn Rabi. He said the great man, who brother you, didn’t need to do all these for me, just show me the way to market. Then Abdur Rahman started business. Hazrat Sa’d showed a great paradigm of brotherhood between Muslims. He showed us that Islam can’t stand subjugated if we do not love each other, if we do not sacrifice for each other, if we do not stick to brotherhood tightly forever. That is the way, once Islam got subjugated all over the world.

Hazrat Abdur Rahman Ibn Awf was the true worrier of Islam. He contributed in all the battles of Islam in his lifetime. He fought in Badar battle greatly. Similarly, he fought in Ohud battle terribly. He got endured 31 major hits in Ohud battle. In Tabuk battle, Abdur Rahman donated eight thousand dinars. During the battle of Tabuk, Muslims were in great financial crisis. At that crisis moment, this donation was undoubtedly a great effort.

During Abu Bakrs khelafat, he worked as the adviser of the Khailfa. He was in many important responsibilities during Omar’s khelafat. This great man passed away during the khelafat of Usman. May Allah magnify his dignity hereafter.

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