Pakistan nuclear program: A Question of National Security

on Saturday, August 3, 2013

After having experiments, Pakistan has faced a number of sanctions by the western countries, but this was quite an achievement in the Muslim world as they confirmed their homeland security with knowing the fact that their enemies do have the same ability.

Pakistan was initially reluctant to have nuclear test; however, it was always claimed that Pakistan do have nuclear technology. After what happened in 1974, Pakistan did realize they must have a strong defense strategic planning. India left no choice for Pakistan except to get Nuclear technology. According to the United Nations charter, every country has the right to have nuclear weapons for self-defense.

Initially, India took the step forward in the nuclear program experiments. After what India did, Pakistan immediately realized there would be an imbalanced power in the region, if Pakistan didn’t start working on their self-defense or a nuclear program in particular. Pakistan nuclear program and nuclear weapons would definitely be a guarantee of peace in the region.

Pakistan and India have been arch rivals since the partition, and it’s India that initiated its nuclear program, and in response Pakistan initiated its nuclear program. The risks of security concerns were high, and in order to avoid instability in the region, Pakistan wants to make sure they have enough power in order to defend themselves.

Some of the writers think that it’s better to have an economic and political stability, along with the advancement in technology that enables the country to use the human potential in a better way, rather than having nuclear weapons. What these writers don’t realize is that to have nuclear power is a major milestone in enhancing the defensive strength of a country. So far what has happened with the economy of Pakistan has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. Short range delivery systems are developed because Pakistan focuses on the major small gaps between the two nations.

Nuclear technology in Pakistan is in safe hands, and there is a misconception about the handling of the nuclear weapons by most of the European countries. However, I must say that Pakistan’s nuclear technology and weapons are perfectly handled by experts with a professional approach and high security. It would be justified to say that in Pakistan, nuclear program security is far better than any other countries. The only way to stop this nuclear development is by establishing a good relationship with India. Peace talks can have a better outcome, if India shows some flexibility on core issues. Moreover, economic strength requires cooperation from both countries.

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